Conditions Report: Golden Dec 7, 2016
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Mountain Sledder | November 16, 2018

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Conditions Report: Golden Dec 7, 2016

Conditions Report: Golden, Dec 7, 2016

| On 07, Dec 2016

Once upon a time there was a little town nestled in a valley of awesomeness.

This town was called Golden. Sledders came from all over to shred its POW and climb its hills.

In Golden every season comes differently and brings new adventures and this season started with a bang, or a poof, or a dump, anyway… the point is that we got snow early!!

There was a problem though. The white stuff only coated the highest peaks and you had to be both brave and not really like your vehicle in order to tame your inner urge for some 2-stroke therapy.

December has landed and Oldman winter has decided to show with some great conditions.




Our little town of Golden was blanketed with White Gold on the morning of Dec 4th and the Snow Gods have blessed us with riding from the trailheads.

All sledders load up and bring your toys, as Golden has the goods!

Riding from the bottom is on at all our areas!  A little lean at the beginning but snow all the way and Mountain Motorsports has tons of sliders and carbides in stock anyway.




The main deal is the snow is okay halfway up and BIG up top, so stay in the high trees and in the alpine.

We were rooping it up in big timber on Monday Funday (Dec 5) and the riding was all-time.  There is enough support from the snow that you can chew without trenching through and enough snow to cushion the pillows.




Be warned though; if you get sucked down in elevation in the trees, things will start to get exciting and your track will find willow!

My suggestion is fuel up your steed with VP Fuel’s most powerful blend of rocket sauce and come shred what Golden has to offer, as winter is here and sled season is on!!!





Grooming is underway at all three maintained Golden areas, and trail fees are set at $25/rider.


Quartz — There is good coverage there and a solid base from rider traffic. The trail is in excellent condition. Parking is at the normal parking lot just off the highway.

Gorman — Parking at 3.5km parking lot. The lake is ‘somewhat’ frozen, but there are still slushy parts, so take care around the lake and cross at your own risk without stopping. Gorman is notoriously rocky early season, so take ‘er easy.

Silent Pass — Parking is at 46.5km on the North Fork. Watch for active logging at all times. It’s deep out there, but watch out for open creeks and other early season conditions.



— Jordan