February 24th, 2017

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Feb 24, 2017

February is nearing an end very quickly and it seems as though spring conditions are right around the corner.

I apologize for missing the ride report last week—we sadly went through a warming cycle in my absence. I don’t think it is too upsetting as the few storms we have received since have been starting to pile up and thicken over the harder crust layer.

Conditions are still pretty good where there have been no tracks in a while. Otherwise, you are feeling the hard layer underneath the 10-20cm that have fallen in the last few days. The trees are really fun as they seem to have preserved the snowpack a little better than the open slopes. Time to start exploring new riding zones to find those virgin areas.




Avalanche conditions are generally stable, and there is not a lot of snow in the forecast until later next week, so should be a good weekend to get off the main path. Temperatures are going to remain cooler for the weekend with a few flurries expected – with the chance of a few sunny periods in there too. Mixed bag as they call it.




Trails are not all getting groomed each day so make sure you check with the attendant to see which ones are going to be smooth. Otherwise, get out there and enjoy the adventure and make sure you are checking conditions for your riding area at!




— Nadine