March 3rd, 2017

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Mar 3, 2017

March has touched down on us and brought with it a full conditions reset


This week has been busy with Pacific systems moving through, and there has been very little in the way of sunshine. Over the week we have seen between 30 and 50cm of fresh and it continues to keep falling as I sit here and write. It looks like it will continue right through until Friday night followed by a brief reprieve on Saturday and then more snow for Sunday.




Freezing levels are expected to fluctuate up to 1200m and the winds are likely to remain from the south. There has been a lot of avalanche activity on the storm slab already, mostly steep sluffing and soft slabs but you can bet that things are going to ramp up by the hour with this continued loading.




Please take your time to go through the bulletin before you ride and know the conditions. I promise they will be elevated everywhere in Revelstoke – so if you can’t see what is above you, I don’t recommend riding that feature. With that being said, there is lots of fresh snow upon us and all kinds of simple terrain we can work with so get out there and get some snow in your face!






— Nadine