March 17th, 2017

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Mar 15, 2017

Conditions are wet and deep and avalanche-y. We have been in the midst of a monsoon for the last week here in Revelstoke. It has been raining at valley bottom since the weekend and freezing levels moved up to 2000m today and haven’t been too far below that for the past few days.

The alpine has been receiving snow every day in the form of moist, sticky schmoo – close to a meter of the stuff since last weekend! We can’t complain one bit though because it is still fun and it is still snow.




The avalanche conditions have heightened at all elevations due to the heavy loading up high and saturation down low. Things are moving and it has been a long lived natural cycle with the fresh precipitation everyday and the wakening of some deeper persistent weak layers. Don’t let your guard down, pay attention to the signs and warnings.

It appears that we are in for a few more days of continuing storm, with rain down low and snow up high. Saturday night should bring some reprieve and some cooler temperatures along with it for the better part of next week.




With this ride report I am happy to admit that we are enjoying an unreal winter, albeit a little warm down low. However, I also find it my duty to remind you that it is scary out there with all the avalanche hazard and the unpredictable variation in the snowpack. Please make good decisions and stick to simple terrain this weekend my friends.



— Nadine