March 9th, 2017

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Mar 9, 2017

March is the new December

That is how I have heard it described over the last few weeks. We have had continuous storms move through, bringing a steady flow of resets to our alpine areas. It has been nothing short of amazing, even too deep at times… nah… just kidding.




It looks like we are going to have a few more days of this winter paradise storm riding before the spring temperatures start to invade. There is a another series of storms forecast starting Friday and through until next week. Each storm will bring successive warmer temperatures and higher freezing levels. We are expected to see well over 20 cm this weekend so get out and get after it before the heat does.

Freezing levels are expected to climb to 1800 m by next Tuesday. This will coincide with climbing avalanche hazards so make sure you are on the ball and getting the bulletins and all the other information you can for your riding areas. There is not much in the way of sun for the forecast, so bring your low-light lenses.




I highly recommend coming out to enjoy all this amazing snow that we have been and continue to get this March – you never know when winter is going to end so don’t waste a single minute of it!



— Nadine