February 23rd, 2017

Conditions Report: Valemount Feb 23, 2017

With an amazing weekend of riding behind us, we are looking forward to a week of moderate temps and clear skies.

The Family Day weekend did a number on the fresh snow although there are still many lines out there as seen in the photos below from Feb 21 in Allen Creek.




The weather this time of year is very difficult to predict. We often get good snowfalls in the riding areas without even knowing it, so don’t be that Negative Nancy who sits at home saying, “it’s all tracked out”. You know that there is a very good chance that we will be posting epic photos all weekend.




The lower valley temperatures are quite warm and we are working with almost spring like conditions on the lower trails, but with cool night time temps, they seem to be holding up well. The forecast for the week is not super promising for a reload although the blue bird days are certainly making up for it.


Valemount Conditions


Ride safe.



— Curtis



Conditions Report Valemount