February 9th, 2017

Conditions Update: Golden Feb 9, 2017

The conditions around Golden are very good right now, and getting better by the second.

The area was hit with plus or minus 30cm of fresh snow early in the week. Since then, around 20cm fell in town overnight Wednesay, and it’s still coming down steadily all day by mid-Thursday.

The forecast calls for more than 20cm to fall tonight and close to 10cm throughout Friday. Add to what is left unshredded from the beginning of the week, it’s shaping up to be a very enjoyable weekend of sledding around Golden.





Avalanche Hazard on the Rise

When planning your trip, you going to want to take a close look at the Avalanche Canada bulletin and make your plans appropriately. The avalanche hazard in the Purcell region is on the rise, and as of Thursday afternoon the hazard rating is at High in the alpine with more snow to come. Plan to stick to meadows and low-to-no angle terrain this weekend. It’ll be worth it as the tree riding should be pretty great.


Golden Conditions

RCMP ORV check blitz in February

Take note; it’s been reported that Columbia Valley RCMP will be ramping up registration checks on ORV’s in the month of February. So if you’re towing or hauling a sled around, have your registration documents up-to-date and expect to be pulled over for inspection.


Grooming is underway at all three maintained Golden areas, and trail fees are set at $25/rider.


Quartz — There is good coverage and a solid base from rider traffic. Snow is building up, although some blue skies mid-week allowed traffic in the open areas. The trail is in excellent condition. Parking is at the normal parking lot just off the highway. There are portable toilets now at the trailhead.

Gorman — Parking at 3.5km parking lot. The hill can be slippery at times, especially when it’s snowing like it should be this weekend. Although Gorman is notoriously rocky early season, it’s now in mid-season form. That means it’s still kinda rocky! Riders have pushed all areas, although tracks will likely not be pushed after the late in the week storm.

Silent Pass — Parking is at 46.5km on the North Fork. Watch for active logging at all times. Like the other areas, the popular terrain is packed, but soft snow should be in no short supply for the weekend. Plan to stick to the meadows and lakes areas and steer clear of runout zones.