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Fernie, BC

Fernie, BC has a growing reputation for epic, deep snow conditions, but that’s something local sledders have long known about the area. The small, touristy town in the Lizard Range of the Rocky Mountains is located smack-dab in the middle of a snow-belt that drops plentiful precipitation on a consistent basis throughout the winter.

The Fernie Snowmobile Association is an incredibly active club, and they are constantly working to improve the snowmobile experience there. Regular grooming, infrastructure upgrades and community events can all be expected as part of the snowmobile experience in Fernie these days.

Here is everything you need to know about snowmobiling in Fernie, BC—where to ride and find rentals, shops, accomodation, dining and more.

Snowmobiling in Fernie, BC

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  • Rolling Hills
  • The Notch
  • Hartley Lake
  • Corbin
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The Royal

Located in Historic Royal Hotel, Live Music

  • 501 1st Avenue
  • (250)946-5395


Mugshots Cafe

Homestyle Cooking, Baked Goods and Sandwiches

  • 592 3rd Avenue
  • (250) 423-8018