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Valemount, BC

If you are looking for the ultimate ride, then you’ll want to include snowmobiling in Valemount in your winter plans. The quiet, picturesque Village of Valemount is the hub of the Cariboo, Monashee, and Rocky Mountains—making it the ultimate spot for your next snowmobiling adventure.

Valemount is known throughout North America as one of the world’s best places to enjoy mountain snowmobiling and wilderness backcountry adventure. The area has received awards and accolades as BC’s favourite snowmobiling area, and the Village of Valemount is a full-service community that goes out of its way to cater to sledders.

While offering challenges for even the most experienced riders, the many groomed trails and logging roads give novice riders the chance to experience the same spectacular scenery and alpine riding.

Winter in Valemount typically begins in mid-November and ends in April. December through March offers the best mountain conditions and usually provides fresh deep-powder snow for everyone to enjoy.

Snowmobiling in Valemount, BC

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