January 9th, 2017

Film Review: Northern Light Films Vol. 2

Northern Light Films Vol. 2 is the second feature-length snowmobile film produced by the Northern Light Films Swedish team of freeriding sledders.


Northern Light Films Vol. 2

The film, which runs for just under 36 minutes, features a mix of tree riding, spring jump sessions and deep pow shredding in Norway, Sweden and British Columbia, Canada.

Northern Light Films

It starts out with some Scandinavian terrain riding—which would no doubt be fun to ride if that’s all you had access to. And it looks like the fellas make the most of it. But for the North American audience, the terrain does tend to look a little featureless. But don’t let that dissuade you from watching more, it just keeps getting better.

Before dropping into the meat-and-potatoes of the show, Vol. 2 switches gears briefly with a short FMX segment that really highlights the level of high-flying talent possessed by the riders in the film.

Getting back on snow, Vol. 2‘s spring jump sessions are impressive, and this is where the skill-set of the Northern Lights crew starts to shine. The segment features some pretty sweet step-up hits where the boys really get after it. In a standout performance, Andreas Bergmark throws down some inverted re-entry whip attempts that will blow your mind.


Northern Light Films crew heads to BC

Northern Light Films Revelstoke


Next up, the fellas hop across the Atlantic in search of deep pow, and they certainly find it near Revelstoke and Sicamous, BC. There’s some tech tree riding at what looks like Eagle Pass, mixed in with natural feature freeriding at Frisby. Thankfully the whole segment is mostly devoid of “getting stuck” shots, despite what were obviously pretty deep conditions.

One enjoyable aspect of watching the film—which probably wasn’t planned by the filmmakers—is the chance to play a fun game and invent English voiceovers for the little bits of Swedish dialogue that make it into the film. It’s anybody’s guess as to what they’re really saying! But we have a pretty good idea what the guy in the oddly-placed bathroom scene is talking about…

The film is certainly interesting to watch, and it is available in its entirety for free on Vimeo. It’s worth nothing that the soundtrack isn’t exactly kid-friendly. Otherwise, there’s really no reason why any sledding enthusiast shouldn’t plunk themselves down for half and hour and enjoy this well produced film.

Here it is:

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— MS