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Gear Girl at the 2014 Powersports Show

Is Gear Girl real?  Is there a girl out there who cruises sled shows looking for the latest and greatest all the while looking like the girl next door?  Perhaps.  If you live in the right neighbourhood.

Just as there’s a perfect girl out there (she’s beautiful and knows her turbochargers), there’s a perfect piece of gear out there that’s going to put your rig in another class.  We hit up the Alberta Snowmobile & Powersports Show in Edmonton this October with said perfect girl to see what’s new on the market and gauge just what things we can’t live without for the coming winter.

Gear Girl got the low-down from Chris Brown, Rob Kincaid, Brandon Micku and lots of other sledheads over the three-day show. Here’s a couple of our favourite toys for the coming year.


SLYDOG SKIS POWDERHOUND – $329-$419 – Available in 7″ or 8″, the Powderhound ski serves two distinct purposes: looking and getting rad.

IMG_9247MOUNTAIN CARIBOU  – Priceless – You know when you’re at your local gas station and all the pumps are full because everyone’s inside getting big gulps?  So you wait, wait, wait and eventually give up and just fill up your tank with that rank jerry can in your garage?  Stay out of the Mountain Caribous’ gas station when you’re sledding.

IMG_9204 CFR BOONDOCKER HANDLEBAR  – $95 – If the only time your ass comes in contact with your seat is when you’re eating lunch, you’re ready for CFR’s 30″ bars.

IMG_9123XDECK X-RAMP – $899 If you risk YouTube infamy every time you load up, it’s time for a new ramp.  The X-Ramp has a tri-fold construction that allows for a lower angle top section – allowing you to flip off your buddies and park that shiz.

IMG_9122TETH AIR CORDLESS TETHER – $300 – Here you are – still tied to your sled like it’s 2013.  The Teth Air uses an RFID signal between you and your sled – immediately shutting off your engine if you’re not on it. Perfect for those who might “forget” to tether up and for deterring theft.

IMG_9102TRUCK BOSS SMART BOXX – $$749-$849 – There’s something strangely beautiful about a fully-grown man crawling and shimmying under his truck deck to retrieve a stray tie-down. No – wait, not beautiful – super hilarious.  The Smart Boxx is a rolling cargo box that fits under your deck or tonneau cover and you need one.

IMG_9067TSS Turbo Charger Kit- $7000 – See that? That’s a TSS Turbo on a Polaris. We’ve never done that before. Untill now. Add some extra horsepower to your flicking.

IMG_9028SPEEDWERX PRO CHARGER  SUPERCHARGER KIT – $7500 – There’s nothing funny about a Speedwerx Procharger that delivers 215 horsepower at 8 lbs of boost on pump gas. But listening to the way Rob Kincaid talks about it might make you think it will cause world peace. It’s that good.

IMG_9005SKINZ PROTECTIVE GEAR ARC KIT – $1399 – Inevitably, someone is going to ask you about the necessity of being able to remotely uncouple and re-couple your rear suspension.  These are the same people who question the awesomeness of driving stick shifts, universal remotes and the “ignore” function on phones. Master your own domain.

IMG_8987SKINZ PROTECTIVE GEAR NEXT LEVEL REAR BUMPER  $220 – All Skinz rear bumpers come standard issue with a mounting kit. An able-bodied buddy to lift while you gas it out is not included.

IMG_8970SKINZ PROTECTIVE GEAR AIRFRAME RUNNING BOARDS – $899 – Gear Girl’s high heels might be ideal for chipping snow and ice out of your OEM running boards, but we’ve seen your ankles and you just can’t pull it off. Invest in some aftermarket boards.

IMG_9064See you all at next year’s show!

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