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Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot Review

Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot Review

The Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot with its Boa lacing system is the first article of footwear I’ve owned that utilizes the Boa system. All I can say is: WOW!

After some days of use, it’s clear to me that you actually CAN build a better mousetrap! The Boa system is simple to use and ergonomically pleasant. With a spin of the dial you can achieve a near-perfect level of snugness to encompass your foot, and it provides a fantastic level of support.

Now to be fair, tugging on laces is not the end of the world. But this is such a clean, simple and easy-to use-design that I can say with confidence that these will not be my last boot to feature the Boa lacing system.

And the best part? This boot is just getting warmed up…so let’s dive into my Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot review.

Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot Review


Full disclosure: The riding temperatures I’ve encountered while testing these boots have been, to put it mildly, well…mild. The weather in the Okanagan, BC this year has been more sunshine, rainbows and lollipops than winter wonderland.

However, when I’ve been able to track down enough snow to get around, I’ve been impressed with the Stomper Boa Boot. Comfort is King, and the Boa system and its layout of cable-routing channels provides great support, giving you that feeling of the boot being well-connected to your foot and leg.

Performance: 4.5/5

Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot Review


Again, owing to the mild weather I’ve ridden in (ranging from -5 to +3˚C) I can’t definitively say “They’re great to -30.” What I CAN say, however, is that a simple synthetic sock has been stone perfect in these temps.

It feels almost as if the boot has climate control. The Stomper Boa Boot boasts 800g of Primaloft insulation. Combined with its eVent waterproof/breathable liner, the boots have created an environment that never got hot enough to create a sweaty foot and never cold enough to be…cold.

Just like Goldilocks and her bowl of porridge, so far these boots have been always just right. Remarkable.

Warmth: 5/5


The amount of grip was a surprising “plus” of the boot for me. The replaceable rubber sole, along with its Aerogel foot-bed insulation, allows for great feel of the running boards. I’ve been able to always tell where my foot is placed in relation to the running board traction cleats. This is confidence inspiring, in that it is one less thing to worry about while trying to get across that last sidehill on Smashed Sled Gulch.

Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot Grip

A quirk of the design of the boot it seems, is a little hump that I can feel through the sole. While I found this bump mildly off-putting at first, I soon noticed that it actually helps me locate the ideal foot placement on the running boards for maneuvering the sled. Silver linings, indeed!

Grip: 4.5/5


Evaluation of the durability of the Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot is still a work in progress. I can’t yet feel comfortable declaring that these boots will last for years and years. I can report, however, that in the hours I’ve accumulated so far, they have held up wonderfully.

The sole hasn’t lost any chunks of rubber from the running board traction. All sewn seams are intact and there is no frayed fabric.

The Boa system, with its 4:1 crank, has a positive action that doesn’t loosen, and the coated cable should be in it for the duration.

I’ve experienced separated soles on competitors’ boots, which leads to water ingress and the associated discomfort that comes with it. Yet the rugged-looking sole on the Stomper Boot lends me confidence that these boots will last for the long haul.

Durability: TBD


I’m sure most folks are quick to say, “I don’t care how it looks, so long as it works.” Fair enough, and I somewhat echo those sentiments. When playing in the backcountry’s harsh environments, function should always trump form. That being said, why not make it look good as well?

Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot Grip

For my tastes, Motorfist has succeeded in a big way. A gloss black finish combined with fluorescent yellow accents provide a modern look.

The Boa Stomper Boot is not overdone with crazy graphics and such. I find the design work subtle enough to not be garish, and yet not your basic black boot either. Basic black works if you’re Johnny Cash. Here, the moderate amount of colour is perfect.

Style: 4/5


It should be fairly clear by now that I like these boots. A lot. There are, however, a few areas that could be addressed, and in fact, some of these improvements are already available in Motorfist’s higher-end offerings.

Boa System

Confused? Don’t be. While I really dig the Boa system itself, there are improvements to be made in my opinion. Indeed, Motorfist has already addressed one of my concerns with the introduction of dual-Boa cranks in their Alpha Boot.

The ability to separate the level of snugness from your calf/leg to the footbed with a dual-zone Boa would be a boon. Not everyone has massive calf muscles like Arnold in his prime, and not everyone has a foot more suited to ballet slippers. The ability to fine-tune each zone would be helpful for sure. And that is available, in the higher price-point Alpha.

Boa Control Knob Placement

The placement of the Boa adjustment dial on the tongue of the boot isn’t ideal. Admittedly, it hasn’t been a problem yet, but I could easily see this being an issue going forward. The dial on the tongue seems easy to catch on the running board or be driven into the seat or the body panels of the sled. If the knob was instead placed off to the side of the boot—or perhaps on the back—it would be less obtrusive and not in the line of fire so much.

Boot Last

I guess I’m more Nutcracker than NFL linebacker, because I find the toe box area to be overly large to the point that it is borderline loose. Now to be fair, gear manufacturers by necessity must build for the masses rather than the individual. To do otherwise would be business suicide.


Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot Last Toe Box


After some investigation, it seems that Motorfist includes an additional insole in the box for custom sizing, most likely to address this very situation. However, my sample boots for review did not arrive with these, so I was only able to test what was supplied. But I will definitely be contacting Motorfist to have some shipped my way for future use.

Gaiter Ring

This falls under the “little” nitpicks, literally. The gaiter ring is so small that the snap on my pants barely fits through. Would a larger ring get in the way, or raise the cost of the boot that much? I’m guessing no, but it would certainly make life easier for the rider.


Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot Gaiter Ring

Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot Review Summary

I think the best thing I could say about the Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot is that I didn’t really notice them while riding. I didn’t notice them because they simply kept my feet warm and dry like a good boot should. I didn’t notice them because my feet stayed firmly connected to the sled, not slipping off mid-maneuver. And finally, I didn’t notice them because what they did was perform their function exactly as they were designed to do.

And THAT should get the boot buying public to notice the Motorfist Stomper Boa Boot.

– Graham