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TOBE Cordus V2 Boot Review

As snowmobile technology advances, our riding styles have also progressed. Prior to ‘rider forward’ and standing up all day, one could get away with riding in an old pair of floppy, one-size-fits-all snow boots out of the back of your closet. Not anymore.

These days, a good riding boot is integral not only to maintaining all-day comfort but in keeping up with the performance of today’s sleds. The introduction of snow bikes has pushed our performance demands further yet.

As a lifelong ‘bike guy’, I’ve always known the importance of a good quality boot, especially for protective reasons. A supportive motocross boot can be the difference between dusting off the dirt and laughing or heading to town to cast up a broken ankle.

Solid footwear is a necessity for riding dirt bikes, so why shouldn’t snowmobilers and snow bikers demand the same?

Understanding the importance of quality footwear, I was excited to try out the TOBE Cordus V2 Boot out on my sled and snow bike this winter.

TOBE Cordus V2 Boot Review



Let’s start with the design.

The TOBE Cordus V2 Boot uses a Boa lace system. I was a long time holdout against the Boa system, but I have now had several different brands and styles of boot with Boa systems and I have grown to like them. They have proven to be durable and trouble-free, and so far the TOBE version is no different. My summer hikers had in the range of 1000 km before I retired them, and the Boa system they used worked fantastic.

TOBE has taken it a step further by using two Boas—one that tightens the top around the upper ankle and lower calf, and a second for the lower foot, across the arch.

This is perfect because you can cinch the bottom one tight onto your foot separately and have zero foot movement inside of the boot, regardless of the shape of your foot. Anyone who has played hockey knows how important it is to get the foot cinched in tight. The dual Boa makes it easy.

The rest of the design is fairly straightforward. The boot is basic black with an understated logo—not flashy, just functional.

If I have one complaint it’s the same one I’ve shared about Boa systems for years—the upper adjustment dial is mounted squarely on the front of the shin, where it is easy to drive into the cowling on the sled if things get a little bit western on you. Of course this is not an issue on the snow bike.

TOBE Cordus V2 Boot review

Fit & Comfort


As mentioned in the design, the dual Boa system makes the TOBE Cordus V2 easy to adjust to your foot.

The sizing is spot on as well. I usually like to try on boots first before buying, but these were ordered online and luckily they fit perfectly. I ordered exactly my size (11) and they fit nicely with a pair of my usual riding socks. TOBE says the Cordus V2 are best for narrow feet—which I have—so that may be part of why they are comfortable and fit me well.

The Cordus V2 boots are quite stiff if you are going to walk a lot, but that stiffness is a good thing—as explained in the ‘Function’ section below.

TOBE Cordus V2 Boot review



So far these boots have had no issues with durability. The reinforced toe has survived the occasional impact with small trees and branches (it’s a snow bike thing).

The sole is holding up well against my factory Honda foot pegs as well as moderate usage on my sled’s running boards.

They have also remained completely waterproof over the course of the winter.

The only reason the durability isn’t a ‘10’ is because of my reservations about Boa bindings and the possibility of failure. TOBE promises these are the strongest Boa wire ever and so far they are trouble-free, so I am probably judging without warrant.

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As mentioned previously, ankle support on motocross boots is a huge deal. These Cordus V2 are the stiffest snow boot I have ever worn. Not quite ski boot solid, of course, but they are stiff for walking in. The amount of ankle support this brings makes the TOBE Cordus V2 an amazing boot for riding a snow bike. They are actually stiffer than a pair of snow bike-specific boots I have tried.

The toe of the boot is very compact and I had no trouble getting used to how they fit under the shifter; they have a much thinner profile than my previous boot so it was an easy transition.

TOBE Cordus V2 Boot review

The TOBE Cordus V2 boot on the left has a low profile toe box that fits well under a snow bike shifter.

The heel locks nicely onto the foot peg as an added bonus.

TOBE Cordus V2 Boot review _-4



The TOBE Cordus V2 is 100% waterproof and this pair has remained that way over the course of the winter. However, if your feet sweat a lot, I’d recommend wearing a moisture wicking sock to get the moisture away from your skin, and you will have happy feet in any weather.

I have worn these in temperatures ranging from 5˚C (40˚F) down to -22˚C (-8˚F) and they remained very comfortable, possibly on the ‘too warm’ side if anything.

TOBE Cordus V2 Boot review _

TOBE Cordus V2 Boot Review Summary

This is actually my first experience with any TOBE product and all I can say is wow! The TOBE Cordus V2 is my go-to boot now, especially for use on the snow bike. It is not marketed as a snow bike-specific model and I understand that; there is no point in limiting themselves to the snow bike market when this boot works well for both activities.

BUT…if you are a snow biker, it’s hard to find fault in how these perform. The stiff ankles are confidence-inspiring and the comfort is unbeatable.

The compact toe fits easily under the shifter and the heel fits the foot pegs nicely.

So far they are holding up great and I look forward to enjoying these boots for many more days to come.


– Marty


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