Guy rides sled off 1600' cliff
December 15th, 2015

Guy rides snowmobile off 1600′ cliff

Antti Pendikainen BASE jumps his sled off a huge 1600′ cliff.

Okay, super cool, but this has been done before a couple of years back by Erik Roner before he passed away in a skydiving incident. Back then, he and pal Jim Rippey executed a similar stunt in memorial of their friend Shane McConkey, near Fernie BC.

But this one is a little different. This cliff is reportedly twice as high for starters.

But watch what happens after when he goes back to retrieve the sled.

Dust a little snow off, and it fires up second pull! Amazing! Something to think about next time you’re shopping for a used sled and the guy tells you on the phone, “Fires up second pull every time.”

And even after the Thunderstruck-style thrashing it takes going through the rocks below the jump landing, it still works! They don’t make ’em like they used to I guess…


Here’s the 1600′ sled cliff drop video:



If this guy doesn’t seem crazy enough to you, go back and check out how low he opens his chute when he goes back to retrieve the sled. And he’s got no gloves on!

I’ll stick to tree riding, thanks!


Here’s the Erik Roner sled BASE cliff drop:





– MS