Inaugural Snowmobile Day to take place October 29, 2022
Wayne Davis/ISMA
June 22nd, 2022

Inaugural Snowmobile Day to take place October 29, 2022

First Snowmobile Day in North America To Take Place This October

The first annual Snowmobile Day is set to take place on October 29, 2022 in anticipation of our favourite winter pastime.

The International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association (ISMA), which is comprised of the ‘Big 4’ snowmobile manufacturers—Arctic Cat, BRP (Ski-Doo and Lynx), Polaris and Yamaha—is pleased to promote a day to celebrate the snowmobiling community, family and preparation activities for the upcoming season.

The inspiration for the event can be traced to “Snöskoters Dag” in Sweden, an annual celebration that has been going on for more than 45 years.

Snowmobile Day 2022

Snowmobile Day will be a great way to enjoy some pre-season social time, or to invite a new person to join the community of local riders. Photo: Wayne Davis/ISMA

To help promote Snowmobile Day, ISMA is offering up to $400 to select clubs and organizations to help support their celebration activities.

Clubs and organizations can apply via a link on the ISMA website, by September 2, 2022 at the latest.

Snowmobile Day 2022_
Photo: Wayne Davis/ISMA

Snowmobile Day - October 29, 2022

Haslett, MI (June 22, 2022) – The snowmobile manufacturers are pleased to announce Snowmobile Day, happening October 29, 2022.  Snowmobile Day is a day to celebrate the snowmobiling community and begin preparations for the upcoming season.  Snowmobile clubs, local dealers, associations, and snowmobile groups are invited to participate.

Snowmobile Day is being patterned after the successful “Snöskoters Dag”, held in Sweden for over 45 years.  The celebration in Sweden started in the 1970s and expanded rapidly through the 1980s as snowmobiling in Sweden expanded.  The success of the event is traced to creating a fun family party, with involvement from clubs, associations, media, dealers, and other industry stakeholders.

Snowmobile clubs are encouraged to begin the season with a party that might include games activities, and more.  A “Show and shine” event featuring vintage and custom snowmobiles, towing and groomer vehicles could be another type of activity planned.  Safety training, maintenance and winter check-ups for snowmobiles and trailers are other activities clubs and associations might hold during a Snowmobile Day celebration.

Snowmobile Day should be a fun, family festival type event, where BBQ, refreshments, music, and an open house can get snowmobilers excited for the upcoming season.

Snowmobile Clubs are encouraged to participate in the activities and serve food, coordinate special events, conduct safety classes, sell trail, riding permits, and registrations. This is a great opportunity for clubs and associations to increase membership and recruit volunteer for trail activities.

Snowmobile associations and clubs are encouraged to contact local Chambers of Commerce, Visitor and Convention Bureaus, and regional media to support and help with a local event.

Planning a celebration is a perfect opportunity to bring enthusiasts together in kicking off the season and enjoying the snowmobile family lifestyle.

The snowmobile manufacturers of ISMA want to support Snowmobile Day in North America by offering up to $400 to snowmobile clubs or associations that plan a Snowmobile Day Celebration.  If your club would like to be considered for this offer, please click on the link and fill out the application.