Julie-Ann Chapman interview by Cdub | Mountain Sledder
February 22nd, 2015

Julie-Ann Chapman interview by Cdub

This is the first installment of the CDub interviews.

I originally named it ‘Between two ferns’ but our lawyers informed me that some other short, bearded hack had broke into Mountain Sledder world headquarters and stole some files that included raw, unedited ‘Between two ferns’ material. Some guy named Zack Barfafanakis or whatever.

Anyways, I had Ted Danson lined up for an interview this week but he has recently been diagnosed with arithmaticosis. The fear of math. It’s a horrible condition. Says it left him bed ridden for days after an incident at a grocery store comparing prices in the bulk food section. We can only pray there will be a cure one day. Julie-Ann Chapman was my second choice. So here you go, everything you have ever wanted to know about her.



Cdub: Name, where you live, current sponsors

Julie-Ann Chapman—Pemberton BC—Ski Doo, Toyota, Klim, 509, RSI, Dayco, Valley Chainsaw Recreational, FOX Shocks, Highmark by Snowpulse, Mammut, Cheetah Factory Racing, Slednecks, Truckboss Decks, inReach, Boss Seats, Divas Snow Gear, Uclear.


Tell us about your business, She Shreds Mountain Adventures.

Its fun! I mean real fun. Coming from a background of snowboarding the mountains most of my life, I started She Shreds 5 years ago, being the first all girls snowmobile clinics offered in the world. Followed my passion and here I am successfully doing what I love to do – spreading the passion for adventures on snowmobiles, specializing in teaching women how to progress or develop their skills on a snowmobile, teaching people proper backcountry preparedness and survival strategies, helping spread the knowledge of avalanche safety, and the list goes on! I am now travelling all over the country teaching these passions and expertise’s of mine, and of course with every great idea comes competition! Now all girl clinics are being offered by different companies all over the world even Sweden and Russia! I think its so awesome to see how much women and snowmobiling has expanded and progressed over the past 5-10 years! Love it!


Amazeballs. Congratulations on your success! What kind of cheese do you think Garfield likes on his lasagna?

Curd cheese.


Is that because you were recently in Quebec? Is it true they put maple syrup on everything there?

Maple syrup and mayonnaise on EVERYTHING! Yes!


What got you interested in snowmobiling?

Snowboarding and the need for adventure. I was an amateur snowboarder and needed to get a sled to be able to film snowboard segments in the backcountry. It was a bit of a learning curve so decided to leave the board at home to concentrate on learning to ride the machine as fast as I could… And before I knew I I dropped all my snowboard sponsors and took up snowmobiling as my new passion!!


If you were the only survivor on a plane crash in the Andes and the only other people on the plane were Jabba the Hut from Star Wars and Slimer from Ghostbusters, who would you eat first?

Ew to both. I’d rather eat myself.

I would have a hard time deciding which part of myself to eat first. I might think I could do without a couple toes, but I’ve heard it’s incredibly difficult to walk without them.


Where is your favourite spot to ride?

On the coast of BC when the snow is powdery! We have the best of every world (in my eyes anyways). Freedom to go wherever we want, top-notch search and rescue team, amazing terrain that satisfies every need – boondocking through trees, climbing chutes, hilly terrain to build massive booters, cliff drops, relatively safe snowpack most of the time, good snow (most of the time!), amazingly friendly people and the list goes on!

What about a place to get a clubhouse sandwich out there? I believe part of the reason I was put on this earth is to seek out the best clubhouse sandwich. You know, with a real hunk of turkey and homemade bread?

Grimm’s Gourmet Deli makes a killer one in Pemberton!


Where do want to take snowmobiling in 5 years? Or where do you want it to take you in 5 years?

I just want to continue helping the development of snowmobiling and to keep spreading my passion for the backcountry. I really love teaching women everything that has to do with snowmobiling so Ill be doing that till the day I die probably! I would love to be able to travel to Sweden, Russia and the States to do so in the near future!

Russia doesn’t sound like a place for a good clubhouse sandwich.


Who are your influences?

I have so many but to name a few… Stephanie Sweezey, Carly Davis, Ashley Chaffin, Russ Mclaughlin, Brett Turcotte, Dan Treadway, Lesley Hunter, Candice Herbert, Kachina Brown … And pretty much everyone that follows their passions and loves life to the fullest! You’re all a dime in my eyes!


Where is your favourite place to ride?

Pretty sure you already asked this question…. Smoke another one!

Woa dude far out. Never heard of that place before.



What motivates you to ride?

Good friends, sunshine, fresh pow!


Paper or plastic at the grocery store?



Do you like Christmas fruitcake?

Hell no, ew.

Right? Does anyone actually eat that stuff? It’s festive and decorative tho.


Have you watched any Jersey Shore episodes?

Nope just bought my first TV, haven’t owned one in about 9 years! Do not have cable.

Snookie is a jerk. I like Pauly D. He has cool hair.


My record for cheeseburgers is 11. Whats yours?




Please respond to this statement: What if Aliens are really really dumb. Like what if they just have no idea what they are doing and they accidentally blow up earth? Kind of like the girl that recently got lost in the Whistler backcountry? To soon? Shit sorry. Nevermind.



Crunchy or smooth PB?


I just find that when you’re spreading the crunchy stuff the peanut nuggets have a tendency to tear the bread/toast. I just don’t have time for that kind of thing.


If you had to be stranded on an island for the rest of your life, what 5 items would you bring?

My man, survival pack filled with necessities, seeds to plant all sorts of food, some sort of toy to match the weather (surf board if its warm, snowmobile/snowboard if its snowy), some way to play music.

I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t bring: Shoes that are way too small, a painting of a painting of a plant, x ray goggles, my rock collection, or a guitar with no strings.


Who would you rather go to North Korea with, Alf or ET?

Alf, he seems more fun.

Totally, E.T. isn’t very mobile unless you have a bmx bike with a basket on it.


You like country music?


I don’t get it. Every song is like soup that your mom made. It just makes you feel good.


White or brown bread?




Do you own house plants? If so what is the expected lifespan of them?

Yes, I have a plant that I’ve had for about 11 years still!



There are many ways to approach breakfast. You have been given a plate with bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast and a little dab of salsa on the side. Do you make a sandwich? Do you eat one item at a time? Do you mix everything all up? Are you a yolk breaker?

Yolk breaker and dipper. Little bit of this little bit of that.

You’re a YOLK BREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When is the last time you went to the dentist and what did you get done?

About 6 months ago for a clean, found out I may need a root canal and then asked my bf if it was cool I jumped on his health benefits. We filled out forms, and the whole common law question was kind of scary on them. The forms are still sitting on the kitchen counter. Is this a sign he’s afraid of commitment? Shit!

Trick him or forge his signature before it’s too late. I would compare dental pain to childbirth that lasts a week.


What is the last thing you baked? (If it was you that got baked, that’s fine too).

Hahaha banana chocolate chip muffins.


What stereotype were you in high school? Jock, nerd, art freak, emo punk, etc.

I was the overweight fat punk rock kid with doc martins up to my knees and black & red hair. No joke.

You ever feel the urge to go back to that?

Nope!!! I would cry.


Would you rather get a papercut under a finger nail or stung by a wasp?

Stung by a wasp

What you got against paper cuts?

They sting if you get lime or lemon juice in them after!!!

True dat.


A penguin wearing a sombrero just walked through the door. What do you do?

Say “What the chainsaw is that?”


Are you or were you ever secretly attracted to a cartoon character? Which one? You know, like, I thought Smurfette was kinda hot sometimes.

You’re weird. She has a blue taco. Ever think of that? Gross.

You ever think about eating a ham sandwich every day for every meal for the rest of your life? Variety is the spice of life.


Who would you like to thank?

Everyone that has ever spent time with me, talked to me, or even wishes someday to meet me and ride together. You have all played a special part in my life some way or another. Huge thanks to all my sponsors for believing in my dream/passion and supporting me through my adventures. Thank you to Luke Evans and the EL Furniture Warehouse family for always being there to help me with covering my shifts and being so flexible with my schedule to accommodate my passion, business and lifestyle of traveling and snowmobiling. My close friends, my man Russ for being such a rad & supporting lover, my family (Dad and Mom especially for raising me and supporting/pushing me to do what I love to do), Albert and Ray for being my West Coast father figures, everyone that supports She Shreds, wouldn’t be here without you. Love you’s xox


Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to chat. I will be sending you an invoice for my time in the mail. Cheers to your past, present and future success.
– Cdub