Sledders Score Perfect Weather for Their Valemount Mountaintop Wedding
December 17th, 2020

Sledders Score Perfect Weather for Their Valemount Mountaintop Wedding

"We were lucky to have such nice weather up in the mountains that day, because we didn't really have a 'Plan B'." - Angie, Bride

Sledding couple, Angie and Mitch, planned to celebrate their union in a very special way. With a mountaintop wedding.

But successfully pulling off a big event like a wedding in the backcountry takes a lot of planning and no small amount of luck.

The bride, Angie, shared with us the idea behind the mountaintop wedding and how it work out so well:

“We talked about what we wanted to do for a wedding that worked for us, our family and friends. After going back and forth for a long time on multiple ideas that seemed to be geared to please others, we decided to make it for us—the way we wanted, where we wanted. We chose to get married on our sleds because we both love riding.

“Once we decided that’s what we wanted to do, we had to pick a riding zone that would be easy enough to access for friends and family. We decided on Clemina, near Valemount BC, as it has some great views of the mountain ranges and Kinbasket Lake, and is a great little spot for us to get married.

Mountaintop Wedding_

“We had to roll the dice on a date and picked March 10th because generally that month seems to have lots of nice, warm bluebird days. When the day came, we hit the jackpot as the weather was perfect.

“We were also extremely lucky to have the help and support of Kari and her team at the Valemount Best Western, Diane and Shawn from Whisper Creek Cabin Rentals, and Paulette, our wonderful marriage commissioner, in helping us make our special wedding day come together.

We’re glad that things worked out so well for Angie and Mitch. While their wedding happened pre-COVID, with the current restrictions in place on large gatherings it will be interesting to see if more sledder couples are inspired by Angie and Mitch and decide to “take the leap” in the backcountry as well!

– MS