Must-Have Accessories for Your Sled this Winter | Mountain Sledder
October 27th, 2019

Must-Have Accessories for Your Sled this Winter

The excitement is high with all the fresh snow on the mountain tops. Friends in Colorado, Montana and southern Alberta have already seen over five feet of snow! Lucky them!

One of my favourite times of the year is when I pick up my new Ski-Doo sleds. There is something about taking them apart, adding must-have accessories and applying a fresh wrap that just gets me pumped on winter.

This year though, with the new Summit Expert, not much has to be done to it. Which means saving money and more time to sit back with a few beers, staring at it with your buddies.

But there are still a few things I like to add. These top accessories will help your riding days go more smoothly and add to your enjoyment.

Here’s my short list of must-haves for your new or new-to-you sled this winter! Winter just got easier!

Must-Have Accessories for Your Sled

Skid Plate

First up, I always recommend a skid plate. You can prevent a lot of damage and save yourself some costly repairs with one. Personally, I went with the Extreme Skid Plate from Ski-Doo this year. This gives me the best protection while being very minimal and the best value out there. We all hope to never take a hit on the underside—but you probably will, which is why a skid plate goes on every one of my sleds!

Toe Holds

Every chassis is different, but I consider adding some fixed toe holds a must for the G4. They allow you to pull up on the sled with your feet when boondocking and carving back up the hill in the deep stuff. They still provide enough clearance so that your boots will never be trapped with the sled if you fall off!

Handlebar Controls

Tom Kobza from TKI makes the ultimate brake lever for the XM/G4 in my opinion, which allows for better control and braking. Once you try it you will never go back.

They also make a smaller, stronger emergency brake that goes on my sled along with the ultimate brake reservoir protector that will eventually save your brake reservoir in a run-in with a tree. I also use the company’s killswitch protector, which prevents accidental shutdowns.

Must-Have Accessories 02
Must-Have Accessories 09
Must-Have Accessories 12

Tunnel Bags

There are so many awesome tunnel bags out there to choose from. One thing I appreciate is the kind that allows you to carry a shovel on it. Of course when riding in the mountains, you always need to carry a shovel and probe in your backpack. But also carrying a shovel on a tunnel bag allows you to access a shovel faster and more easily when you’re stuck or in an emergency. I also carry an extra probe in my tunnel bag so I can check the snow depth and feel the layers in the snowpack.

Choose the right size tunnel bag to get all that unwanted weight off your back and onto your sled!

Must-Have Accessories Tunnel Bag

Extra Fuel

On those epic, deep days you’re going to want extra fuel. It doesn’t really matter how you get it to the backcountry—you can stash it when you first arrive and fill up before you head home at the end of the day. But a secure, quick-release system is so much better than ratchet-strapping a jerry can on the back and checking it all the time to make sure it’s still there as you head up or down the trail.

Sled Wrap

Mountain sleds are so good out of the box these days that they aren’t modified and customized as much as they used to be. It’s getting harder to make your sled your very own, so one of the ways I separate mine from the pack is by installing a custom wrap.

One of the things I have done in the last few years is to design a wrap that showcases the artwork of some amazing local artists where I live. SCS Unlimited gets my business for the rad work and strong material they use. Their air-release technology also allows a simpleton like me to install it without tons of air bubbles, which can hurt the impact of your custom design.

Must-Have Accessories 01

Well, that’s it for my must-have accessories for your sled this winter. Now all we need is just a bit more snow and we can be out shredding with our buddies!

Have a great and safe winter everyone!


– Dave