Alpha One Dominates MY2020 Arctic Cat Mountain Lineup
February 22nd, 2019

Alpha One Dominates MY2020 Arctic Cat Mountain Lineup

Starting with model year 2020, you won't be able to buy an Arctic Cat mountain sled that doesn't feature the Alpha One single-beam rear suspension.

We sort of figured this would be coming down the pipe with the success of the Alpha One platform on the Mountain Cat this winter. It works really well and there are no significant drawbacks, so why wouldn’t Arctic Cat trickle their Alpha One technology down through the rest of the mountain lineup?

It only makes sense, and it’s great news for riders who prefer the economic benefits of one of the value models such as the former M8000, now known simply as M Alpha One. For riders who desire to push their limits, the 2020 M Mountain Cat Alpha One and the 2020 M Hardcore Alpha One will be available.

Each one is built on the Ascender Platform to carve through deep stuff and side-hill with precision, and they all feature a jaw-dropping ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension to make every move feel like second nature.
– Arctic Cat

Okay, let’s take a look at the MY2020 Arctic Cat mountain lineup.

MY2020 Arctic Cat M Hardcore Alpha One

MY2020 Arctic Cat Mountain Snowmobile Lineup

Arctic Cat has simplified their lineup of mountain sleds for MY2020, and that’s a good thing. It’ll be easier for riders to figure out which model is best for their needs, and at what price point that will come.

Here is some of the technology that is common to every sled in the 2020 mountain lineup.

Updated 8000 C-TEC2 Engine

All will feature an updated 8000 C-TEC2 powerplant. Sorry to those who bought into rumours of an 880 or 850 cc engine in the works!

However, Arctic Cat submits that “the next generation 8000-Series C-TEC2 engine delivers a new level of clean Arctic Cat 2-stroke engine performance and technology.

“The 794cc C-TEC2 twin features new cylinders, pistons, combustion chamber, flywheel, and fuel rail, plus a new fuel calibration strategy to deliver cleaner and more responsive performance, with improved fuel economy and power in the 165-hp class of engines.


MY2020 Arctic Cat Alpha One C-TEC2 Engine


“The engine features an Arctic Power Valve system with 3-stage control of the auxiliary exhaust ports via side valves, along with 3-stage control of primary exhaust port. Its ECM-controlled electronic oil pump provides precision oil injection for ultra-clean performance. In addition, it features batteryless EFI; Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor (EPTS); knock sensor; and engine reverse technology.”

Of note, it seems that the 6000 C-TEC2 engine that was previously available in the base model M sled has been chopped from the lineup. Riders who insist on a 600 cc plant will have to consider the new Arctic Cat Riot crossover sled instead.

Other Highlights

Putting that power to the track will be the same tried-and-true TEAM Rapid Response II and TEAM Rapid Reaction BOSS clutches.

The front suspension will continue to be supplied by the Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS).

As mentioned, the rear suspension of all mountain sleds for MY2020 will be the Alpha One single-beam—now outfitted in a more traditional Arctic Cat green for all but the M Hardcore Fire Red option.



The 2020 sleds will driven forward by the same 15″ wide Alpha One-specific PowerClaw track with a 3″ lug that will be available in either 154″ or 165″ lengths.

M Mountain Cat Alpha One

The MY2020 M Mountain Cat Alpha One remains the top dog (or cat, if you insist) in the mountain lineup, and will no doubt continue to be the best seller.

The M Mountain Cat Alpha One will make use of Fox FLOAT 3 QS3 shocks—with their easy-to-adjust 3-way clicker.

The front track shock will also feature the same QS3 shock, while the rear track shock will be the Fox FLOAT 3 QSL shock, which can be locked out for better climbing performance.

MY2020 Arctic Cat M Mountain Cat Alpha One

Electric push-button start will be available in the Mountain Cat Alpha One in addition to standard pull start.

To top it off with a slick look, the Mountain Cat will feature the same LED headlight with accent light.

The 2020 M Mountain Cat Alpha One will be available in Silver only.

MY2020 Arctic Cat M Mountain Cat Alpha One 165

M Hardcore Alpha One

The freestyle rider or hillclimber will appreciate the Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 coil-over shocks which can more easily be tuned for specific suspension requirements. The QS3 coil-overs will be found in the ski shocks and front track shock. The rear track shock will be the Fox 1.5 Zero QSL coil-over with lockout.

Also, the Hardcore will feature reinforced running boards to handle exceptional punishment dished out by aggressive riders.

Electric, push-button starting will also be available as an option in the M Hardcore Alpha One.

Otherwise, the M Hardcore will match the spec of the Mountain Cat.

The 2020 Arctic Cat M Hardcore Alpha Cat will be available in either Charcoal/Green or Charcoal/Fire Red.

MY2020 Arctic Cat Alpha One 4
MY2020 Arctic Cat M Hardcore Alpha One 154

M Alpha One

The base model Arctic Cat M Alpha One won’t have quite as many configurations available as in the past, but that’s okay.

The main difference is that the Alpha One will use lower-end Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 shocks all-around.

It will not have electric start as an option, and the headlight is powered by dual-halogen bulbs rather than the flashy LED setup of the pricier units.

The 2020 Arctic Cat M Alpha One will be available in Charcoal/Green only.

MY2020 Arctic Cat M Alpha One

A new Alpha One video doesn’t tell us much new we didn’t already know about the technology from last year, but it does at least show some of the new colour options of the 2020 sleds in action.

– MS