Gear Spotlight
December 13th, 2018

PIEPS Pro BT and Powder BT Transceiver – Sneak Peek

Bluetooth technology is becoming fully integrated in the smart devices we use today, and the PIEPS Pro BT and Powder BT avalanche transceivers are among the first to utilize Bluetooth technology.

Mountain Sledder staff managed to get their grubby mitts on a pair of prototype PIEPS Pro BT and PIEPS Powder BT transceivers to mess about with in late Summer 2018. Although the devices had to be returned, we did get a chance to flash them up to try out the Bluetooth functionality and check the range in the field.

Here’s our video “Sneak Peek” at the two new devices. In it, we go over what the two devices share in common, how they differ, and in what way the PIEPS Pro BT and Powder BT are more advanced than any transceivers currently on the market (with the exception of the Black Diamond-branded transceivers which are otherwise the same).

– MS