Polaris INDY EVO – New Youth Sled Available in 2018 in Limited Quantities
January 8th, 2018

Polaris INDY EVO – New Youth Sled Available in 2018

Hot on the heels of this year’s release of youth trail sleds from Yamaha and Arctic, Polaris has announced the INDY EVO. The Polaris INDY EVO is a brand-new youth sled, which will be available in 2018. This is a great thing for our community of riders, and we’re looking forward to seeing these on snow!


Polaris INDY EVO


Polaris INDY EVO

The Polaris INDY EVO was built with easy, confidence-inspiring handling in mind for new and young riders.

Part of that equation is manageable power, which is achieved by a 550cc carbureted, fan-cooled engine with electronically controlled speed. From the factory, the sled will have a maximum speed of 50 mph (80 kph)—which is plenty fast for new riders! Polaris has indicated that stage-tuning kits will be available to allow for improved performance as the skills of the new rider increase. The Polaris INDY EVO will come in manual pull start or an electric start option.

The other important factors have mostly to do with considerations of rider strength and size. The Polaris INDY EVO is scaled down to fit the smaller dimension of youth riders. The ergonomics are compact. The lowered seating position is optimized for a smaller rider, with low, flat bars within easy reach. The throttle has been designed to be easy to manipulate with smaller hands. Overall, the sled is lower and narrower for confident handling and stability.


Polaris INDY EVO


The INDY EVO offers an adjustable-stance independent front suspension which can evolve with the rider’s size and skill. The shocks have been calibrated specifically for this sled. The track is a 15″ wide 121″ track with a 0.91″ lug.

It comes in two colours. The manual start version is INDY Red, and the electric start model will be Velocity Blue.

For very young new riders, the Polaris INDY EVO will undoubtedly compete with the Yamaha SnoScoot and the Arctic Cat ZR 200. However, as riders grow out out the SnoScoot and ZR 200, the INDY EVO might be more versatile in bridging the gap between those small displacement youth sleds and a full-sized model.


Polaris INDY EVO


However it plays out, it’s great to see another option for getting the next generation involved in our sport! More info can be found on the Polaris Snowmobiles site.





Here’s the press release from Polaris:

Polaris® Introduces All-New Snowmobile Designed Specifically for New Riders, the Confidence-Inspiring Polaris® INDY EVO™ 


Polaris INDY EVO



MINNEAPOLIS (Jan. 5, 2018) – Polaris INDY®, the most legendary name in snowmobiling, is now the most inviting name on snow as Polaris introduces the new INDY EVO™, a trail-ready snowmobile built specifically for new riders. The INDY EVO™ delivers a comfortable, sporty and confidence-inspiring ride experience that will fuel a new rider’s passion for snowmobiling.

New riders need a sled built for them that’s the right size and offers easy, confidence-inspiring steering and handling. They want a sled with power they can control so they can confidently enjoy trailing riding with family and friends.

Perfect Fit for New Riders 

Created using Polaris advanced design engineering, the INDY EVO™ is lower and narrower than a full-sized sled. Coupled with a lower seat height, this hunkered-down stance lowers the center of gravity to enhance the feeling of stability and confidence.

INDY EVO™ ergonomics are designed to fit a broad range of riders and positions them for ultimate comfort, control and confidence. The low, narrow bodywork provides outstanding visibility, yet delivers excellent wind protection with AXYS-style integrated airfoils and a wide range of windshield options.

Purpose-built, flat, low bars provide excellent leverage, and the easy throttle flipper accommodates hands of all sizes. The cockpit is roomy, providing ample knee room for the active INDY riding style.

Confident Handling, Easy Steering 

The INDY EVO™ Independent Front Suspension is engineered for a stable yet effortless ride on trails. It features shocks designed and calibrated specifically for the INDY EVO™ chassis and the adjustable-stance IFS allows the sled to evolve with the rider.

The all-new INDY EVO™ ski was designed exclusively for this sled, plus delivers confident handling with reduced steering effort.

Just-Right Performance & Fun 

The proven Polaris 550cc fan-cooled engine delivers just the right amount of power for new riders. Speed is electronically controlled to a maximum of 50 mph, and stage-tuning kits will be available to adjust the vehicle’s performance and ride as skills grow.

The INDY EVO™ is available in two models, with manual start or electric start.

Many Polaris accessories are available for the INDY EVO™ so riders can customize and personalize their sleds to suit their style, and optimize comfort, convenience and cargo solutions.