February 6th, 2020

Quiz: How Much Mechanical Sympathy Do You Have?

As sledders, we all have a deep appreciation for the machines we ride.

How we treat our cherished vehicles, however, is a broad spectrum. Are you the type of sledder who goes by the motto, “Ride it like it’s stolen”? Or one who cleans clutches and greases fittings after every ride? Or somewhere in between?

How much mechanical sympathy do YOU have? It’s time to find out!

How Much Mechanical Sympathy Do You Have?

How do you store your sled?

1. I built a little tent out of some 2x4s and a tarp
2. In a field. Hey man, squirrels need somewhere to live too
3. Covered, in an open shed
4. Heated shop kept at exactly 19˚C and 45% humidity
5. Only six months 'til riding season, it can stay in the back of the truck

What type of fuel do you run?

1. As specified in my operator's manual, 91 octane
2. Purple gas is 10 cents cheaper, bro!
3. E85 works just fine, I don't see what the big problem is
4. VP Racing C12 to prevent detonation

How does your maintenance schedule look?

1. The OEM suggested maintenance schedule isn't nearly comprehensive enough! I've personally torqued every nut and bolt on my sled
2. That's the next guy's problem once I roll back the odometer and flog it on Mountain Sledder Swapmeet
3. I dunno, I pay my dealer good $$ to take care of that for me
4. When something breaks, I fix it promptly
5. Say what? Come again?

Trees are:

1. I stare at them and they call to me, but I will not be intimidated
2. To be avoided at all costs
3. When I go to the arcade, I only play pinball
4. For traction

At the trailhead, you:

1. Bring your sled up to the manufacturer suggested operating temp
2. Flash your sled up and immediately tear ass up the trail at 120
3. Let your sled idle for 20 minutes while you get ready
4. Smash yesterday's ice off the tunnel with a tire iron

What's your stance on parts and accesssories?

1. I just love my OEMs PG&A catalog! It's got everything I need!
2. Lightweight mods from the aftermarket are the way to go, and they're often cheaper than OEM replacement parts
3. I named my kids "Carbon Fiber" and "Titanium"
4. Zip-ties will fix pretty much anything!

What do you carry for tools?

1. Only what came with the sled
2. Bolt cutters and something to scratch the VIN off
3. I have a customized toolkit I put together myself
4. A tow strap and the number for the helicopter company
5. I have a guy who carries my tools for me (aka you are Chris Burandt)

What type of oil do you use?

1. A premium synthetic from an aftermarket brand
2. The cheapest shit you can find at the gas station
3. Your snowmobile OEM brand
4. Whatever's on sale at Lordco

All 8 questions completed!

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How Much Mechanical Sympathy Do You Have?

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