Ride 'n' Q&A video with Dave Norona | Mountain Sledder
August 29th, 2022

Ride ‘n’ Q&A video with Dave Norona

Welcome to our on-the-mountain interview—this is Ride ‘n’ Q&A!

In this video, Pat from Mountain Sledder is joined by Ski-Doo ambassador Dave Norona for a ride through some beautiful backcountry British Columbia mountains.
The two are mic’d up and they chat about various topics as they ride and explore some pretty amazing landscapes and snow conditions.

The conversation explores topics of:

  • Favourite mountain ranges to ride
  • Dave’s favourite sled configuration
  • Some scary experiences from adventure racing
  • Avalanche safety and group dynamics
  • Dave’s ‘After Dark’ series on YouTube
  • The boating life
  • Adventures with family

Here’s the video!

What do you think? Do you enjoy this spin on an interview/Q&A session? Who would you like to see in a Ride ‘n’ Q&A session? Let us know in the YouTube comments section!

Thanks for watching!

– MS


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