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July 2nd, 2019

Satellite Messenger Devices on the Market

A few new satellite messenger options have become available in the last year, including devices from newcomers Somewear and Bivy—which Mountain Sledder staff are currently testing. For now, here’s some info on the SPOT X and Garmin inReach Mini, which have established themselves ahead of the rest. And stay tuned for our Somewear Global Hotspot and Bivystick reviews to come!

Mountains sledders will now have more options available for communicating from the backcountry this winter. Competing satellite communications device manufacturers—SPOT and Garmin—have each recently in the last year released new, text-capable satellite messenger devices called SPOT X and Garmin inReach Mini, respectively.

Although the devices differ somewhat in design and use, both offer the same two key functions. Each is capable of sending and receiving custom text messages, and of relaying an S.O.S. call for help in an emergency.

While the ability to contact emergency services from outside of mobile service can save a life in the event of an emergency, users may hope never to have the need of that functionality. However, the addition of text messaging capability makes these devices both practical and convenient to use on a daily basis while out riding.

Satellite Messenger Devices 01
Satellite Messenger Devices 04
Satellite Messenger Devices SPOT X and Garmin inReach Mini
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