VIDEO – 2021 Ski-Doo Summit Expert 850 Turbo Review
January 29th, 2021

VIDEO – 2021 Ski-Doo Summit Expert 850 Turbo Review

The Mountain Sledder team has finally put enough miles on our 2021 Ski-Doo Summit Expert 850 Turbo to offer our thoughts on the forced induction two-stroke sled.

Including riding the January release of the 2020.5 model and a fair number of media rides early last spring on the 2021 models, we’ve racked up around 1000 km of seat time, which is enough to make a few statements about the sled and how it performs.

So come along on a ride on an bluebird day to an untracked zone, as Mountain Sledder editor and test dummy Pat is mic’d up and talks about his thoughts on the Summit 850 Turbo.

Bear with his excitement and enjoyment of a spectacular day with some great riding buddies, Dave Norona and Theo Epps–eventually he’ll reach the point, which is the question: How does the Ski-Doo Summit X w/ Expert Package 850 Turbo perform, and is the option of the turbo worth it on what is already an incredibly fun and high performance machine?

Ski-Doo Summit 850 Turbo Review

Dave Norona spots a yeti

There’s no dodgy math or bench racing comparisons being handed out here—it’s just a real mountain sledder, riding the machine in the environment for which it was designed and sharing his opinion on how it performs.

2021 Ski-Doo Summit 850 Turbo Review

Okay, here it is!

Thanks for watching our 2021 Ski-Doo Summit 850 Turbo Review!

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Stay tuned for more thoughts on the model year 2021 sleds as we spend more time aboard some of the mountain models this winter, in anticipation of the MY2022 releases in spring.


– MS

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