VIDEO – First Ride! Ski-Doo Summit 175 TURBO! | Mountain Sledder
April 3rd, 2020

VIDEO – First Ride! Ski-Doo Summit 175 TURBO!

Mountain Sledder test pilots have had the chance to ride all three lengths of Ski-Doo Summit 850 E-TEC Turbo that will be available for model year 2021—154" x 2.5", 165" x 3" and 175" x 3" tracks.

In this video, we take out the 154″ x 2.5″ naturally-aspirated Summit X with Expert Package, alongside the Summit Expert 175 Turbo configuration—both of which are new options for MY2021. But let’s face it, we didn’t spend much time on the 154″!

It’s all about the Ski-Doo Summit Expert 175 Turbo in this case.

Mountain Sledder rider, Sean, provides the skills and shares his opinion on the Expert Package features, as well as his thoughts on the ideal track length of Summit 850 E-TEC Turbo sled.

If you can’t ride it yourself, you might as well go along for a ride!

Ski-Doo Summit Expert 175 Turbo

Here's what's new on the Summit X with Expert Package for model year 2021

Drive Belt Monitoring System: Alerts riders in two different ways, duty cycle and temperature, if drive belt issues are impending before failure. Allows rider to be proactive to prevent belt failure.

QRS Vent Plus driven clutch: Finned fixed and moving sheaves maximize airflow of the CVT system to decrease overall operating temperature and offer consistent performance.

Ski-Doo Summit Expert 175 Turbo_-7

Ultra Compact Lightweight Seat: Compact, low profile and ultra-lightweight – 25mm less height and 400g less weight than Compact Lightweight Seat. Intentionally sculpted for easier side-to-side rider movement. Weather resistant to remain dry and lightweight throughout the years.

4.5-inch digital display: All-digital LCD gauge with flatter viewing angle for an easy-to-read info center while standing.

2021 Ski-Doo Summit Gauge

One-piece Lightweight Hood: One-piece Polypropylene construction reduces weight by 6 lbs. Optimized for heat management and noise reduction.

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For more details on all the configuration of the Ski-Doo Summit Expert 175 Turbo and the rest of the Summit lineup available during Spring Fever, see our 2021 Ski-Doo Summit Lineup story.

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