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December 14th, 2018

Which Sledder Personality Are You?

Snowmobiling is a sport that brings many different personality types together.

Spending time with different sorts of people is a big part of what makes snowmobiling so enjoyable from a social perspective. The saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” Well, ain’t that the truth. Here are just a few of the many different types of sledder personality out there.

Which Sledder Personality Are You?

Natural Athlete

The Natural Athlete operates on a level that defies the laws of physics (inertia in particular). Their lifestyle consisting of a primarily hotdog-based diet and total lack of exercise regimen in no way diminishes their ability to absolutely flat-out rip on a sled. The Natural Athlete is good at everything they do, much to the chagrin of their riding buddies who eat right and are in better shape, but still can’t ride half as well. The Natural Athlete can get up straight off the couch, wriggle their cherub-esque physique into a XXL monosuit and go ride circles around everyone else.


The Upbeat sledder is an unbelievably optimistic person. Usually someone with plenty of riding experience, the Upbeat rider is just plain happy to be out there. Setbacks like poor snow or mechanical difficulties never seem to faze the Upbeat rider. The don’t have goals, or if they do, it’s no big deal if they’re not being met. This type of incessantly-positive personality can sometimes be annoying in other environments, but not in sledding! Upbeat riders make every sled adventure fun.

Sledder Personality


Some riders don’t really give a hoot about customizing or accessorizing their machines. These are your “gas and go” type of riders. Sure, the Pragmatist will take care of regular maintenance, but when it comes to their sleds, the if-it-ain’t-broke mentality holds sway. So if some accessory has a useful, practical value then it will go on, but otherwise, this rider is more focussed on putting on miles than tinkering with their rides.

Bling Bling

If you’re all about sporting white sunglasses, bandeezes and drinkin’ that purp drank, you might be one of those sledders who isn’t afraid to show off their personal style. You’ve likely got the brightest wrap, the gold bar risers and the head-to-toe matching outerwear. The most committed Bling Bling rider can be heard coming for miles, pumping that Kanye out of their sled’s on-board sound system. Check me out, yo!

Super Fit

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Natural Athlete is the Super Fit rider. These guys take their sled training seriously, and it pays off. With forearms like the trunks of trees—and the guns to match—the Super Fit rider can hang on and ride out of even the most hairy situations. These riders love going tarps off while building kickers in springtime. But hey, we’re not jealous—much.

Sledder Personality
When you're launching your sled huge, it pays to be buff like our boy Brandon Wiesener here.

Spiritual Leader

This sledder tends to believe in the deeper meaning of life. These enlightened individuals can access a higher level of beauty and energy in the backcountry, and they want the rest of us to experience it too. High fives and even hugs abound when the Spiritual Leader is around.

In downtimes, you’ll often catch the Spiritual Leader quietly sitting, rolling a spliff and staring at the tree tops while everyone else is distracted making braaap-y noises like a bunch of temporal, lost souls.

The Collector

This sledder is a total machine geek. They love their toys, and they’ve gotta have one of everything. A short-track sled for spring riding. A long-track for the deep days. A snow bike for when everything else is tracked up and it’s time to hit the trees. The Collector is a particular type; they like nice things and they take good care of them.

Sledder Personality
"That one is my Monday sled, then there's my Tuesday sled—but only for the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Otherwise I ride my other Tuesday sled. Then that one is my..."

The Giver

This rider knows that the ultimate satisfaction is in giving back. They’ve seen it all, and they’re the first to use their knowledge for the greater good. These sledders are quick to lend a hand when someone else is stuck, and they always have the best tool-kit on the mountain. The Giver is the type to pass their deer pepperoni around the group before partaking themselves. And you know there’s always a six-pack waiting to be shared back at the trucks, compliments of the Giver.


Sledder Personality

The Giver is the first to help out a pal—even when they are downhill stuck.

So there you have it: just a few of the many, many different types of sledder personality out there that help make our community so great. Which sledder personality are you?

– MS

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