How to Summerize Your Sled – Tech Tip
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May 7th, 2015

How to Summerize Your Sled – Tech Tip

Here are some steps to help you summarize your sled for proper storage in the summer months. This sledshot video is from a few years ago, but the information holds true today, although the method for fogging newer BRP Ski-Doo E-TEC engines is a little different.


How to Summerize Your Sled – Tech Tip

If you have never summerized a sled before, it is definitely something you should think about. There are many products out there, and many techniques, but generally you need to keep in mind one major component; fuel goes bad…

This statement holds true for not just the fuel in your tank, but think of the fuel that is pumped all through your machine. From your tank through your fuel lines, and into your carbs, etc. bad fuel = a very unhappy sled in the fall!!


Summarize Your Sled: Step-by-step

Step 1: Remove the bulk of the fuel with a suction hose. This accomplishes two things:
1) You have to cycle less stabilized fuel in the fall, and
2) You will use less fuel stabilizer therefore less expensive.

Step 2: Read directions on the stabilizer and make sure to add the correct mix for the fuel level in your tank.
In this case, most of the fuel was emptied, and only a small amount of stabilizer was needed.
The Bombardier stabilizer is very user friendly. Simply remove the cap on the measuring side of the bottle, and squeeze until the liquid reaches the desired volume, then pour directly into your tank.

Step 3: Remove air box to reveal carbs.

Step 4: Get your storage oil spray ready. Again we used a Bombardier product in the case. As you can see, we pre-bent the spray hose to aid in this process. Feel free to use your own custom bends…

Step 5: Turn on sled. This accomplished two things; gets the engine running so you can spray, as well as, circulates the stabilized fuel.

Step 6: Start spraying.
I find alternating the spray into each carb for 3-5 each, back and forth until the machine either fogs itself out, or you get fogged out from the exhaust. Both good indications that you are done…

Step 7: It might be overkill, but hey, we love our machines!
By removing both plugs and give your jugs a couple of seconds of spray each, you’re done and done!

Step 8: Let your shop air out and have yourself a beverage! Good JOB!

Don’t just walk away now though! Your steed needs a good comfy place to sleep for the summer. If you have a garage, or a clean and cool place to keep er’, we highly recommend it. Simply raise up the track with a hunk of wood and you are good to go! If not, there are some things to think about.

Leaving your track on the ground for the summer can cause a ton of problems. It can rot your track, cause rust, makes a great home for unwelcome rodents, etc. Try and make it as rodent proof as possible, jack up that track with what ever you have, and keep it out of direct sun light! That sweet transparent fuel tank you bought will be bright yellow by fall if you don’t, and when you go to fire up your sled and your electrical, seat, and plastics have been eaten by mice, I’d hate to have to say “I told you so…”

Best of luck guys, I hope this helps you out!

Till next time, keep those fingers crossed for another great winter!


– Aaron

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