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Jonny Moseley’s Wildest Dreams: SNOWMOTO!

In “Jonny Moseley’s Wildest Dreams: SNOWMOTO”, British Columbia snow bike athlete Josh Stack teaches Moseley and JT Holmes the basics of riding a snow bike.

I Survived a Big Avalanche While Snowmobiling Video – What Happened?

A video called "I survived a big Avalanche..." shows a mountain sledder trigger—and survive—a large avalanche in the Gorman Lake snowmobile area.

Sledshot Youtube Page breaks 100,000 hits!!

Last night we passed a milestone on our Youtube page!  We broke 100,000 views in just over one season.  So what does this mean for winter 2009/2010... Videos

As the season begins to wind down, I only now just realized how much footage we shot this season.  It hasn't been the best winter in history, but the days we had…