December 8th, 2016

Timbersled Announces Snowbike Race Team

Are snowbikes taking over the mountains? They could very well be. A novelty no more, mountain riders already know that snowbikes are the real deal.

The growth of the market has been phenomenal, and it was only a matter of time before organized racing came to the sport and gave it legitimacy in the eyes of the masses.


Freestyle motocross legend Ronnie Renner is also part of Timbersled's new race team.

Freestyle motocross legend Ronnie Renner will hold down a spot on Timbersled’s brand-new race team.


Timbersled has announced a new snowbike race team, including top riders Reagan Sieg (Mountain Sledder Rider of the Year), Brock Hoyer, Ronnie Renner, Axell Hodges and Jackson Strong. The team will make history in the first-ever snowbike event at X Games in January 2017.


Mountain Sledder Rider of the Year Reagan Sieg is one of Timbersled's offical race team members.

Mountain Sledder “Rider of the Year” Reagan Sieg will be a key member of Timbersled’s newly announced race team.


“Ever since Timbersled created the original modern snow bike architecture, we have worked hard to find new ways to promote and grow the sport. Our A-List roster of athletes and unprecedented contingency program is the next step in that progression,” said Chris Wolf, vice president, Polaris Snow Division. “Seeing snow biking go from being a very niche interest to being center stage at the Winter X Games shows the increased interest and popularity of the sport.”



Other athletes will compete in X Games qualifiers throughout the month leading up to the main event in Aspen.

With backing from mega-brand Polaris, Timbersled has also announced a big-budget race contingency program worth nearly $44,000 with prizes of up to $10,000 for first place at X Games and $1000 for qualifying events. Cash prizes are available to racers for snowbike race series championships and other official race series wins.


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