Former Timbersled Owner Allen Mangum Joins BoonDocker Ownership
September 29th, 2017

Former Timbersled Owner Allen Mangum Joins BoonDocker Ownership

Former Timbersled owner and industry heavyweight, Allen Mangum, has joined forces with snowmobile turbo performance company, BoonDocker. Mangum comes onboard as a fifty-percent partner in the company, and brings a wealth of product development and fabrication expertise to the table.


Former Timbersled Owner Allen Mangum Joins BoonDocker Ownership

(Idaho Falls, ID) September 29th, 2017 – After over 15 years of success and growth, Boondocker, LLC is excited to introduce a new business partner, Allen Mangum, to the management team. Mr. Mangum brings years of industry experience in operations management and fabrication expertise to the performance-loving family at Boondocker

“When I founded this company in 2002, I could only have dreamed of the success I’ve worked so hard to pursue over the last 15 years. We are, again, on track to break our previous sales goals, and it was time to bring someone on that shares my passion for invention and small business. We were incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with a person like Allen, who also has been so instrumental in the development of the snowbike and expanding this industry” said Boondocker founder Rocky Young, Sr. He continued, “I look at what Allen has been able to do with Timbersled, and it’s an expertise that fits perfectly into our growth plan”.

Mr. Mangum comes to Boondocker as a fifty-percent partner after divesting his previous company, Timbersled, Inc. to Polaris Industries in 2015. “When Rock[y, Sr] first approached me about a potential partnership, I was very interested, especially since we’ve had such a good business relationship over the past decade. Being both a friend and consumer, I’ve always thought Boondocker was one of the coolest companies in the industry, with the absolute best in quality and innovation. It’s somewhere I could see myself, and at the same time, somewhere that I know I could play an impactful role. At my time with Timbersled, we were very proud to have a well-manufactured product, on-time delivery, and a trusted dealer network, all of which, leading to a quality product that could be trusted in the industry. I look to bring that experience to Boondocker, and am very excited for future,” Mr. Mangum said.



Former Timbersled owner and now partner at BoonDocker, Allen Mangum.


Mr. Mangum will retain a role with Timbersled/Polaris as an independent product development consultant, continuing to work with the Timbersled Development Team in Sandpoint, Idaho.