Mountain Safety
December 12th, 2019

Training Mode on the PIEPS PRO BT and POWDER BT Transceivers

PIEPS is the first avalanche transceiver manufacturer to implement bluetooth technology in their devices.

Bluetooth technology in the PRO BT and POWDER BT transceivers works in conjunction with a smartphone app developed by PIEPS to offer a training mode that can help users become more capable searchers with practice.

How the PIEPS Training Mode Works

There are two main benefits—an interactive Training Mode and Practical Knowledge exercises. 

The Practical Knowledge section consists of a series of exercises that allow the user to practice and better understand how all transceivers work—things like understanding field lines, performing a fine search, marking and how to use the group check function. The Practical Knowledge section also covers other fundamental avalanche rescue techniques such as probing and shovelling.

Just remember, the exercises don’t replace a certified avalanche course!

PIEPS Training Mode

The Training Mode allows the user to set up a wide variety of practice searches with remote control of the transceiver’s transmitting antenna orientation and the ability to turn it on or off. An unlimited number of PIEPS Bluetooth capable transceivers can be used to create practice scenarios ranging from simple and straightforward to incredibly complex.

PIEPS Training Mode_
PIEPS Training Mode_-5

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the Training Mode in action!


  • 3 antenna technology
  • 60 m circular range
  • Advanced signal processing (multiple burials and “ghost” signal interference protection)
  • Mark function
  • Group Check
  • Auto Search-to-Send (disabled by default)
  • Interference Protection in send mode by always transmitting on strongest antennae
  • iPROBE support
  • Bluetooth technology for device management and training through PIEPS app