February 3rd, 2016

X Games Snowmobile Freestyle Recap

Another season of X Games has come and gone, but the Snowmobile Freestyle event certainly leaves a lasting impression. A slew of the big boys showed up and put on their best airs, including some tricked out inverts that really pumped the crowd.


Check out this sweet recap of the lead-up and the event, from Hazer Live:


[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/Livehaze/videos/vb.1409924171/10208925311395930/?type=2&theater” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


The Monster Energy crew cleaned house, taking the top for 4 spots. Joe Parsons claimed the Gold with his “Parsby Flip”, landing backwards on his sled. Heath Frisby, Brett Turcotte and Cory Davis rounded out the Monster crew’s top 4 finishes.





For the ESPN highlight reel of the Snowmobile Freestyle event, cruise on over to:



The full event can be watched here:




Nice work fellas!


– MS