YETI SnowMX 2022 Updates – 129FR, 137MT and 120FR
March 18th, 2021

YETI SnowMX 2022 Updates – 129FR, 137MT and 120FR

YETI SnowMX introduces stronger, lighter snow bike systems for 2022

Magog, QC (March 9, 2021) – YETI SnowMX is launching its 2022 snow bike models, offering enthusiasts stronger and lighter snow bike systems designed for better flotation and traction. The 2022 YETI SnowMX models have been designed for an overall smoother ride in all conditions without compromising on performance.

“When it comes to snow bikes, high performance is key,” says Guillaume Laplante, Track System Project Manager for Powersports at Michelin. “We’re happy to introduce improved bike systems that offer a faster, lighter and stronger solution, suitable for any snow conditions. In addition, our 2022 models are easier to install and are compatible with most dirt bikes on the market.”

The YETI SnowMX 2022 models are more than one pound lighter than 2020-21 YETI models , and feature:

  • A next generation snow bike track with 2.6-inch profiles for better traction and flotation in all snow conditions, from deep powder to compacted trails and wet spring snow
  • A new track that increases traction to maximize available horsepower, getting more power to the snow and improving agility
  • Cup-shaped profiles to optimize surface area at all leaning angles
  • New geometry for the front spindle, offering more control by reducing ski drifting and improving balance for smoother steering
  • A newly designed synchrodrive case to better manage impact absorption and gain ground clearance
2022 YETI SnowMX_-2

“The new aluminum spindle makes it easier to take sharper turns in tight, technical areas,” says Cody Matechuk, YETI SnowMX ambassador and 3-time gold medalist at the X Games.

“Also, trail stability has greatly improved even on rough trails, making climbs up the mountain a lot more comfortable, an advantage that will cross over into the racing environment as well.”

The YETI SnowMX Snowcheck program starts March 2 and continues until April 30, 2021, with systems being delivered in August. With nearly $1,900 in consumer value, the program makes it possible to customize systems with six colour options, a factory-installed cargo rack, a wheel kit, shock upgrades and more.

For the second year, riders can build their dream snow bike with YETI BUCKS (up to $400) to spend on accessories.

2022 YETI SnowMX systems are available in three models: the 129FR, the 137MT and – for a limited time – the 120FR. Riders can use the YETIMIZER online tool to build their own customized bike.

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