Skinz Console Knee Pads Review

Last year I purchased a new sled, and being sick of having either banged up knees or wearing knee pads under my bibs (which I personally hate), I decided to add some…

CA Proski BX Ski Review

Last winter I purchased a new Arctic Cat M8 and after bending one of my stock skis on an early season rock I decided it was time to put on a new…

GEAR REVIEW: The Strikt FreeRide Jacket

You’re going to start seeing the name Jamie Iwaschuk creeping into magazines and sledding flicks this fall.  Here's his thoughts on the new Strikt Gear Company signature jacket.

2015 Highmark by Snowpulse PRO

There’s not that much new about the Highmark PRO for 14/15, but it does come in a shiny new colour (black), so I thought I’d tell you what I thought of the…

Randall Merritt on the Motorfist Trophy Jacket

Randall Merritt is an ex-guide with Chris Burandt’s Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure.  He currently guides at Lincoln County Customs in Alpine, Wyoming. [divider] [/divider] My name is Randall Merritt. I do extreme backcountry…


I get asked all the time in my store what boots are the best?  My response is what boot is best for you?  How do you ride?

Strikt Gear Review

For those of you who haven't heard, Strikt are the new gear company in the sledding market.... But their gear proves that they're not so new to the game.