August 21st, 2017

Apparently, Not Everyone Hates Summer

For hardcore sledders, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that not everyone hates summer.

I was in the post office this morning, making small talk with the lady behind the counter. She was bemoaning the fact that summer is almost over already, and I had to bite my tongue. “Gawd lady, how much longer do you really want this to go on?” I wanted to ask. But instead—not wanting to be confrontational—I agreed with her that yes, summer has gone by much too quickly. Liar!

Now don’t get me wrong. I like lazing about in the sun just as much as the next sledhead. There’s a time and place for the beach, and it’s called July. Come August, I’ve had just about enough of not riding my snowmobile, summer be damned.


not everyone hates summer-3

I’ve had just about enough hammock and mosquitoes time by mid-July.


How Long Must We Endure This Heat?

Lately, I’ve been really jonesing for some cold weather to kick in. It’s partly a factor of the relentless heat we’ve been experiencing in British Columbia this summer. Weather in the high twenties and thirties everyday is okay for awhile, but we are seriously required to sweat our asses off for over two months straight? Let’s mix it up a bit please Mother Nature.

It doesn’t help that it hasn’t rained more than a drop since sometime in June. Summer doesn’t feel so summery when every living blade of green in your yard is dried up into a brown piece of kindling that’s ready to burst into flame if you stare at it too long.

We’ve been lucky in the Columbia Valley that the wildfires here are fairly remote and haven’t threatened our communities, unlike many places in BC. However, two large fires directly inline with the predominate winds have ensured that residents in our town don’t forget what’s happening out there. Incessant, smoke-filled skies have wreaked havoc on our air quality, ability to see the mountains that surround us and on our general will to live.


not everyone hates summer-3

Fires everywhere have turned our summer skies into smoky bleh.



Bring on the Cool, Crisp Air

Yesterday, my wife, my dog and I went for a hike in the Rocky Mountains. It was the first time in months that I felt a coolness in the air, and it was amazing! The cool air felt fresh and energizing. I couldn’t help but look at the terrain and wish I was riding.


not everyone hates summer-3

All this scene needs is 3m of snow, one less Mountain Dog and one more Mountain Cat!


The chill reminded me how great it feels to throw on a hoody—not for protection from an unrelenting swarm of tiny flying vampires—but to take the edge off a crisp morning in the mountains. I loved it! It was the first time in forever that I felt the need for an extra layer.

If winter days are the best, fall mornings must be runner up for sledders. They bring crisp, clean air and sunshine that provides warmth, but not stifling heat. It’s not too hot to go out with your chainsaw and grab a load of firewood, or enjoy some other activity in the wilderness. The biting bugs are dead and gone. It’s just like summer except better.


Not Everyone Hates Summer

Now, before going around and singing the praises of fall for all to hear, just remember that not everyone hates summer. In fact, just about everyone who doesn’t ride a snowmobile friggin’ loves it.


not everyone hates summer-3

Playing golf and running through sprinklers are fine activities, but c’mon already! Bring on the snow!


I always tell my kids to “Know your audience.” That little wisdom is good advice for sledders counting down the seconds until winter. For those of us who just can’t wait to be riding on snow, it’s best to share your enthusiasm amongst the community of sledding brothers and sisters.

Trust me, the lady at the post office doesn’t want to hear it.


— PG