April 5th, 2019

Camso Launches EPIC 280 Track for Deep Snow Adventure

Camso has launched a new track called EPIC 280.

The EPIC 280 is a 15″ wide track featuring a 2.8″ lug height and 3″ pitch, and comes in three lengths: 162″, 156″ and 153″. But what makes the EPIC 280 unique is the design of the lugs, which are deeply cupped. Camso says that the cup-shaped lugs help to compact the snow, which provides better traction.


Camso EPIC 280 track


Mountain sledding athlete, Chris Brown, has been riding the track since mid-February, and had the following to say:

“I put this track on about six weeks ago. I installed a 162″ Camso EPIC 280 on a Polaris PRO-RMK 850 155” chassis, along with a Boondocker Turbo. Right away I was impressed with the track. We went out and there was about, maybe, two feet of good powder and it just really hooked up. It didn’t trench, like I thought it might, at all. It has the right combination of traction and wheelie. This is a great track and I’m going to keep it on the sled for the rest of this year and for next year as well.

“It’s interesting because the paddles are more like scoops. The design seems to work well; it gets up on top of the snow pretty quick. If you get buried in, say pretty deep, you just pin it and it’ll work its way out instead of just trenching deeper. Overall, I like it. I’m going to keep using it.”


Chris Brown Snowmobile Athlete Portrait


See the press release on the new Camso EPIC 280 track below:

Camso’s EPIC 280 Is Now the Track of Choice for Riders Seeking Deep Snow Adventure

Magog, QC (March 26, 2019) – Camso today announced the launch of its new EPIC 280, a track designed specifically for extreme snow terrain, allowing riders to transform their sleds into deep snow adventure machines.

“At Camso, we ask ourselves everyday: is there a better way? The new EPIC 280 is definitely a product that aligns with this claim,” says Bruce Dashnaw, Sales & Marketing Executive Director – Powersports at Camso. “We’re always seeking new ways to push further the limits of snowmobiling, trying to quench our riders’ thirst for powder power.”

The new standard in mountain riding, the EPIC 280 makes use of Camso’s unique, deep cup lug design to extract every ounce of traction in deep snow. Its lightweight design strategically positioned support columns and balanced 6-pitch lug sequence ensures the right combination of grip and floatation, while optimizing the track speed and reducing vibration.

“The unique paddle of the Camso EPIC 280 track cups the snow while compacting it underneath the track instead of blowing the snow out. This means more traction for your sled, even on the fluffiest days,” claims Steve Martin, snowmobile ambassador, who has been trying out the track in the deep mountain snows. “I definitely see a quicker throttle response. I like to go wide open a lot, and it’s amazing how much more track speed you get with the EPIC 280!”

Camso Epic 280_Adventure deep snow with Steve Martin_1
Camso Epic 280_Adventure extrem powder with Steve Martin_1

To watch our ambassador Steve turn his mountain adventure into an EPIC ride, check out this video: