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509 Debuts Heated Ignite Goggle Series to Eliminate Fogging

A Goggle History Lesson

In the beginning, there was “dual lens” technology—air in-between two lenses which would insulate the inner lens from temperature change.  Then followed “spherical lenses” which created more volume between the face and the cold outside weather thus facilitating airflow and decreasing fog. Then there were vented lenses, then anti-fog coating, then goggle fans.

Still, foggy goggles prevailed.

Science didn’t work in our favour. As sledders, our faces are warm. We work hard, we breathe hard and full face helmets keep all that heat on our faces. But it’s cold out there. And those hot little air molecules don’t get it. When they bump up against your (inevitably) cold goggle lens, they turn to moisture. And thus, the dreaded foggy goggles.

But what if your goggle lens wasn’t cold, but a smooth 104°F (that’s 40°C for our northern readers)? Then, air molecules heated by your hot face would butt up against some warm, cozy lens molecules and just…chill?


Introducing the new Ignite Goggles Series


509 Ignite Goggle

509 Ignite Kingpin BLACK OPS Goggle


Heated lens elements are used by military aircraft, and that’s what 509 has also incorporated into their new Ignite series of goggles. By utilizing an indium tin oxide layer on the inside lens, the science of fogging just doesn’t apply anymore.

The goggles come with a rechargeable lightweight 7.4v, 2200mAh, lithium-ion power pack that is attached to the goggle strap.

The user of the Ignite Goggles can run the heat as needed (it takes about 2 minutes to fully defog), or just run it all the time, in which case you can expect the battery to last four to five hours. 509 has designed the system to work with mobile app connectively through an integrated Bluetooth, but that seems pretty wild—we’ll settle for just being able to see.

Mountain Sports Distribution’s National Sales Manager Fraser Stewart said of the product, “The number of dealers across Canada who have picked up the Ignite Goggle for the fall has been astounding. Across Canada, we’ve seen great buy-in. 509 is clearly meeting a demand here.”

The Ignite Goggles—available in 509’s uber-popular X5 Sinister model and the newbie Kingpin—are priced in Canada starting at $249.95 and are available in three colourways in each style.

Bring on the future.  See you in hell, fog.


509 Ignite Goggle

509 Ignite Sinister X5 HI-VIS LIME Goggle

509 Ignite Goggle

509 Ignite Sinister X5 BLACK WITH YELLOW Goggle

509 Ignite Goggle

509 Ignite Sinister X5 BLACK OPS Goggle

509 Ignite Goggle

509 Ignite Kingpin HI-VIS BLACK Goggle

509 Ignite Goggle

509 Ignite Kingpin BLACK OPS Goggle

509 Ignite Goggle

509 Ignite Kingpin BLACK Goggle


For more information on the Ignite series of 509 goggles, visit

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