A flashy sled will make your photos pop

A nice, bright flashy sled looks great in photos and video, and that is the main reason that all the pro athletes spend time and effort to make their rides really stand out.


It’s not just about listing off sponsors and their products, it’s also about having something personal, that looks cool and really pops on screen and in print.

The pros aren’t the only ones that are stopping to pull out a camera these days though. With modern technology packed into small, lightweight equipment, more and more riders are making an effort to  snap some rad pics or quick clips for their Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Remember, riding a good looking sled doesn’t have to be about bagging sponsors. It can be about personalizing your whip and making it stand out in the crowd. And having fun!



Rider Jordan Dechka is always having fun.

Rider Jordan Dechka is always having fun on his highly modded Polaris PRO-RMK.



Here are some ways to make your sled pop against that snowy white background this winter.


Wrap it up

The most obvious way to pimp your ride is with a flashy wrap. There are a lot of companies out there offering wraps these days, and you can get something as bright and headache-inducing as you want. Just remember that  more is not always better in this case, and we find that simple and clean looks often turn the most heads. This “Powder Color” from SCS Unlimited is flashy but doesn’t feel too cluttered. Good for a family man with young kids to help make him feel like he’s right at home in the play room.




You can get all manner of coloured skis out there today from a variety of manufacturers as well. Solid colours that match highlights on your sled is a fun way to go. Sometimes, even matching a complimentary coloured handle on a black ski is enough to make your ride stand out a bit more. The three-toned “Urban Camo” Powder Hound skis from Slydog really pop in those head-on wheelie shots. And there are a lot of other designs out there ranging from swirls to skull-and-crossbones to suit your taste.





Aftermarket bumpers look different and cool, but they serve a purpose too! Whether you need one to replace a damaged stock bumper, or you just want to up your wow factor, there are plenty of options out there. Skinz Protective Gear is a popular choice, and they offer bumpers for newer models in a number of bright colours such as white, yellow, green.

480_spg_-_fly_nxt_lvl_polaris_front_bumper_nxpfb200-wht 480_spg_-_fly_nxt_lvl_polaris_rear_bumper_nxprb200-fbk-wht

Running Boards

It used to be that upgrading your running boards was the absolute best improvement you could make to your sled (after horsepower of course! But you can’t buy horsepower in flashy colours, so that doesn’t apply here.) Current models have better running boards, sure, but they still don’t hold up to some of the aftermarket options that are available nowadays. With an aftermarket running board you can get more strength, drastically improved snow clearance, more narrow width for steep sidehilling, and YES! Bright colours! Pick a colour that works with your sled, or have them powder coated before you install.






The OEMs are starting to catch on that finishing touches like colour-matching coated rails can really make a sled look good, and we’re starting to see units turn up that way from the factory. Riders can take this a step further by coating their rails a custom colour to match a theme or colour swatch that they have in mind.







You can put handguards on your sled to give it a personal touch… no wait, what am I saying?! Take those off, they look stupid!



So, there you go. If you’ve got the desire to get some great photos or video of yourself and friends riding this winter, then putting a personal touch on your sled with some bright and flashy parts can really help your footage pop. Have fun!


— MS