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CKX Titan Air Flow Helmet Review

The CKX Titan Airflow Backcountry Helmet is the most comfortable, lightweight and convenient helmet I have personally had the pleasure of wearing.

From the first moment trying it on, I’ve found the CKX Titan to be a perfect fit for my head shape. The helmet offers several unique and useful features that you won’t find on other MX-style helmets. And at an affordable price point, the only difficult decision should be which of the many colour options available to choose.


CKX Titan Helmet RapidClip Goggle Release

CKX Titan Helmet Review


The fiberglass composite helmet is unbelievably comfortable and lightweight for a composite construction. Weighing in at a claimed 1350 ± 50 g, the Titan is only 100 g heavier than some of the more expensive carbon fiber helmets on the market. And the CKX Titan is now available in a carbon fiber construction as well, for those who want the ultimate in lightweight.

CKX Titan Helmet Review-5

The flexible foam interior makes the CKX Titan incredibly easy to put on and take off. It hugs my face without pinching or pushing on fluffy cheeks. The sizing chart provided by CKX seems spot on.

The breathable insulation is soft and conforming, and it doesn’t freeze up in the cold.


There are three variations of the CKX Titan to choose from: Original, Air Flow and Carbon. The Air Flow Titan is designed for warmer climates and high-energy backcountry riding. The Original is more insulated but is still adaptable, making it more ideal for a mix of trail and off-trail riding. I have the CKX Titan Air Flow, which is better suited to the style of riding I do.

On the groomed trail at speeds around 80 kph, I experience some whistling through the venting system of my Titan. However, it seems from chatting with countless other CKX Titan owners that I am the only person who has noticed this annoying phenomenon.


Each CKX Titan comes with a pair of CKX branded 210˚ Goggles included, which are designed specifically for use with the Titan Helmet. With this combination of helmet and goggles, the field of view is remarkable.

The goggles are secured to the helmet with a RapidClip quick system. Once you become familiar with the attachment points, the goggles are simple to remove with one hand.

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The goggles seal perfectly to the helmet to prevent fogging, even in the most intense conditions. I inserted the removable nose guard to the lenses and put them through the ringer for a few rides in the -25˚C Polar Vortex this winter. The goggles stayed completely clear throughout the extreme cold. And also through many heated adventures shovelling my sled out from tree wells.

Removeable Muzzle System

Once done practising my shovelling technique, the Titan makes it easy to rehydrate and cool down through the removable muzzle system. However, with the muzzle being removeable, it led me to wonder: Does the modular design create a weak point in the helmet?

In the name of research, of course, I decided to complete an epic crash, full-throttle through a crevasse of death, bouncing my face off the handlebars of the sled as hard as I possibly could. Well, it turns out that the CKX Titan stands up to a beating, fully protecting my precious smile in the crash. The removable muzzle continues to function with one click, exactly like the day I unboxed the helmet.


CKX Titan Helmet Removable Muzzle

Chin Strap

With the ProClip Quick Release system, there’s no need to take off your gloves to secure or release the chin strap. It’s much faster and easier to use than a threaded D-ring system.


CKX Titan Helmet ProClip release


The CKX Titan Helmet comes equipped with a mount for your Go-Pro, or accessories with similar mounting options like helmet-mounted flashlights.

CKX Titan Helmet Review Summary

With the CKX Titan Air Flow Helmet, I have absolutely nothing negative to report. I am in love with this helmet. Once you put this helmet on your head, you will be sold.

Together with the removable muzzle and the tight seal of the 210˚ googles, your wide field of vision remains clear in any conditions without frosting or fogging.

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After trying out the CKX Titan, you might wonder how you ever rode without the convenience of the removable muzzle system for quick stops to chat, have a drink or a snack or just to catch some fresh air.


– Val

Editor’s note: Here are a couple of videos from CKX that clear up some common questions we’ve had from readers about the different Titan helmets and their configurations.

The first video helps explain the difference between the Titan Original Helmet and Titan Air Flow (which is the one reviewed here):

Another video from CKX shows how to customize the Titan helmet for your intended use, whether than be active riding in the backcountry, or colder trail-only use: