FLY Racing Incline Bib Review

Good day, readers, and welcome to my FLY Racing Incline Bib Review! Let’s dive headfirst into it, shall we?

FLY Racing Incline Bib Review


The FLY Racing Incline Bib receives a perfect weatherproofing score from this rider. This is a grade that’s either a pass, or a fail. It either seals the elements out, or it doesn’t. The Incline bib is rock solid here with a Sympatex membrane rated at 20K/20K waterproof/breathability.

I not only tested the Incline Bib in a variety of conditions ranging from over-the-hood powder to warm, spring-like conditions, but also on a variety of machines, including my snow bike (on which I’m almost always sitting) and sled (on which I’m almost always standing). So far, these bibs have performed flawlessly at keeping me dry.

A properly sized three-snap elastic boot cuff can be adjusted to fit all models of boots to help keep out snow.



My previous outwear from a competitor were pants, so I was somewhat apprehensive about trying these bibs. After all, I went to the pant style to GAIN better movement than what I thought possible in a traditional bib. But I needn’t have worried.

The FLY Racing Incline Bib offers great stretch and fit. Curved knees and legs—very similar to a pre-fit MX pant—allow for ease of movement without the associated “bunching” that can come with a straight cut leg. The side stretch panels and leg cut were very effective in being able to maintain movement without binding.

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One added bonus of the “bent knee” design is that I have more than ample room to wear my knee braces with these bibs, and zero limitations due to sizing problems. Riders who wear knee braces or pads, rejoice! You have access to a great fitting garment here.



This is fairly subjective, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While simple black never really goes out of style, it’s also been a long while since it was the choice du jour. There is a Grey/Charcoal style that is a little livelier. But since colour has nothing to do with functionality, let’s move on.

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All zippers are high quality YKK units. I haven’t experienced a single issue with them grabbing flap material going either up or down. And I’ve had zero infiltration by snow or water through the zippers, even while standing in thigh high powder.

These bibs come equipped with knee protection pads, which are handy in the event of your foot slipping off the running board or foot-peg. Being that I primarily used these riding a snow bike, the reinforced knee and lower leg material was certainly appreciated. So far, I’m pleased to report that there is no noticeable wear.

Of course your standard features like cooling vents and comfy pockets are here too. More on those below, as I did have some issues with those.

Nits and Picks

As great as this set of bibs is, and trust me, they ARE great, I still had some personal gripes.

For me, the hook-and-loop (aka Velcro) closure on the shoulder straps is a potential weak link. While I have yet to have an issue, I think we have all had an article of clothing where at some point, the hook-and-loop closure just quit sticking together effectively. I see this as a potential point of failure down the road.

The previously mentioned pockets are next on the hit list. They are placed in the same spot as the front pockets on every pair of blue jeans ever made. But say you want to carry your truck or trailer keys there. It’s just like when you sit down at the movie theatre—it’s just not overly conformable to carry things in these pockets, especially if they have hard edges. These pockets could be moved farther down the leg, providing space to comfortably carry some things lower on your body. It’s all about unsprung weight, right?

Now what about the leg zippers, you ask? They are there for certain, however they are only a cooling vent, with no ability to pack anything beyond a couple pieces of Kleenex. Effective for vents, but it would be better to have carrying capacity there, in my opinion.

Not much left to pick at, except a lack of warmth in cooler temps. But as these particular bibs are a shell only, that’s to be expected. Just remember to put a warmer layer underneath on cold days.

FLY Racing Incline Bib Review Summary

These FLY Racing Incline Bib would certainly be a fantastic add to any serious backcountry rider’s gear bag. We ask a LOT of our outerwear during the course of a day’s ride. We need it to keep us dry—and that means no snow or water ingestion, breathing effectively and allowing our sweat to evaporate efficiently.

As the sport continues to evolve with more athletic movements, we need outerwear to flow and flex with us, not impede our movements.

These bibs check all the boxes. I’m very happy to have them in my gear bag, and I’m sure you would be, too.


– Graham