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FXR Blade 2.0 Carbon Vertical Helmet – First Look out of the Box

FXR’s brand-new for 2018 Blade 2.0 Carbon Vertical Helmet arrived at the Mountain Sledder office last week! Second Christmas!

We’ll be putting this helmet up alongside 3 others from 509, Klim and Fly Racing to see how they compare in the “super lightweight” category of premium helmets. Stay tuned for those in-depth review to come throughout the winter!

For now, we thought you might like to follow along as we get our first look, fresh of the box. We’ll inspect the finish, fit, strap, breath box and more.


FXR Blade 2.0 Carbon Vertical Helmet – First Look



Straight out the box, the FXR Blade 2.0 Carbon Vertical Helmet looks great and has a nice finish. The neon colours are very bright, although we know that they—like all neon—will fade with time. The black portion of the Black/Hi-Vis colourway is a gorgeous and smooth matte carbon texture. It’s got a very race-inspired look to it, like a lot of the FXR styling.

The helmet feels extremely light, and—at 1250g according to the box—is right up there amongst the most lightweight, premium full-face helmets available on the market. That should make it easy on the neck. Speaking of necks, it’s got a collar that is compatible with a neck brace, for those who feel they need it.

Besides the ultra-light weight, the feature we’re most excited about is the quick release cam-lock style chin strap.

We paired the helmet with a set of FXR pilot goggles, and, no surprise, the fit is excellent with a tight interface. We’ll have to see how it does with other brands of goggles in the field.


FXR Blade 2.0 Carbon Vertical Helmet


The visor is easily adjustable for a good field of vision and for plopping your goggles up underneath. Excellent. It’s also got rather large cutaways in it, which should help dramatically with visor lift at high speeds.

Inside, the liner is plush, with cozy cheekpads. All of which can be easily removed for washing. The Blade 2.0 Carbon Helmet doesn’t feel quite as secure as some others I’ve tried when pushing up on the chin piece. BUT, that is a fit thing—everyone’s head is a different shape.

We’re pretty excited to get this thing out on snow and see how well it performs! Stay tuned!


– MS