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FXR Boost Lite Monosuit Review

Aside from my weekend warrior adventures in the mountains, I have been a Search & Rescue Team Leader for seventeen years.

A rescuer’s best tool is their personal protective equipment. Gear that works is a top priority for rescuers who need to be able to safely respond in any conditions the mountains might throw our way. Above all else, winter outerwear must be warm and breathable, and without bulk that restricts movement. It must also be durable. Rescuers should never be put into a position to require rescue themselves because of equipment failure.

With these tough requirements in mind, here is my FXR Boost Lite Monosuit review!


  • Incredible warmth and breathability
  • HydrX Pro membrane 20,000mm/8,000g/m2
  • Super comfortable, good freedom of movement
  • Lightweight materials
  • Weather-sealed zippers


  • Not enough adjustment in the suspenders
  • Boot attachment point

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FXR Boost Lite Monosuit Review

Warmth and Breathability

The FXR Boost Lite Monosuit is incredibly light and flexible. It features a thin insulation that is perfect for rapidly changing weather conditions in the mountains. In my experience, this monosuit has been comfortable in the chilly weather of the early mornings with a single layer underneath. As the day progresses and the sun peeks out, the suit continues to provide a perfect balance of temperature control by wicking away body heat and allowing airflow through the venting system, which keeps the inside completely dry.

I’ve found that the Boost Lite has no problem keeping up to various body temperature changes that happen when moving through cold alpine areas into technical, tree-covered terrain—even when the adrenaline kicks in and sweat glands shift into high gear.

In the cold month of February when temperatures plummeted into the -20 to -25˚C range, the suit easily handled the cold simply by adding a soft, fleecy layer underneath.

Comfort and Fit

I have been very hesitant to invest in a “onesie” because of my vertically-challenged body stature (I’m 5’3” [160 cm] tall). My fear has been that the length of the body portion of a monosuit would sag into lower regions and interfere with my freedom of movement.

Fortunately, the FXR Boost Lite Monosuit has been well-designed with both tall and short riders in mind. The suit is outfitted with inner suspenders, which allow the user to position the waist exactly where it should be, and prevent the suit from hanging low. Taller riders will appreciate the stretchy material in the back which allows for a wide range of motion.

Velcro adjustments on the bottom of pants allow us shorter riders to collect excess material and keep the pant legs from dragging on the ground or catching on running boards.


FXR Boost Lite Monosuit Review

Durability and Reliability

Over the course of the winter, I’ve learned that the FXR Boost Lite Monosuit stands up to a beating. The suit has resisted all my unplanned collisions with frozen fir trees while boondocking. I have seen no sign of pulled threads or any wear and tear. With one quick wipe, the suit is rid of the sooty evidence of burned trees darting into my path!

And after long, challenging days of creeks, trees, wind and sun, there has been no issues with frozen zippers.

Bonus Points

The FXR Boost Lite suit has clearly been designed for rider comfort. It has many options that support this, including: removable hood, inner boot gaiters and adjustable sleeve cuffs. Four well-placed vents—two in the armpit and two leg vents—are mesh-lined to prevent snow buildup, even while blasting through deep powder.

The suit boasts two hip pockets, one chest pocket and two inner fleece-lined pockets. So many in fact that I’m often left wondering, where did I put my lens cap this time?


FXR Boost Lite Monosuit Review

Recommendations for Improvement

The boot attachment points are buttoned loops rather than a more traditional metal hook which would be used to attach to the laces. This attachment style would be super convenient if you are fortunate enough to have boots designed with hoops specifically for this purpose. Sadly, my riding boots do not feature these. That leaves me with two options. 1) Leave enough slack in the laces to thread the attachment loop through once they are tied up. Or 2) tighten the boot laces and neglect the boot attachment altogether, thereby risk the pants riding up. Of course, given my short stature, the chance of the pants riding up is pretty much zilch, so it’s a moot point. But on a lankier person this would probably be an issue.

The style of the suspenders also has room for improvement in my opinion. When the suspenders are shortened as much as possible, the buckle sits right on my neck, creating a pinch point in the straps. A simple fix would be to remove the non-adjustable material and attach the suspenders directly to the pants at the waist.

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FXR Boost Lite Monosuit Review Summary

Imagine yourself and a friend on the mountain at the end of a beautiful day of killing snowflakes. Suddenly the fog rolls in, visibility becomes zero and the temperature drops. You have no choice but to setup camp and stay the night on the mountain.

Are you warm and dry? Or will you spend the night shivering in your cold, wet gear? It’s worth considering that what you choose to wear into the backcountry might one day save your life.

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In my opinion, the FXR Boost Lite Monosuit has hit the mark. It is extremely dry, lightweight and comfortable. Whether I’m heading out for the day to play or responding to a call for help, it has climbed to the top of my go-to gear list.


– Val