Haber Vision Eliminator

I know suffers sometime or another with fogging goggles.  Personally I tend to carry at least one
spare pair of goggles every time I ride, and sometimes even two spare pairs
depending on the weather.  The main
reason is to replace goggles that have fogged, frozen up, got filled with snow
and won’t dry properly etc etc

familiar?  Then checkout the Eliminator
from Haber Vision.

over the years I’ve seen a variety of solutions offered, and have spent my fair
share of time adjusting vents on goggles, laughing at ‘huge and heavy’ bolt-on
systems etc but this one has some unique advantages…

Eliminator is a clever device that allows you to retro-fit not only Haber
Vision goggles but most brands into a fan goggle instantly.  The concept is simple: When humidity
rises inside your goggle a tiny sensor activates a fan alleviating the
possibility of internal condensation (fog) on the lens. This feature allows you
to see clearly and enjoy crystal-clear vision every time you ride.  Set the switch to ‘auto’, ‘on’ or ‘off’
– it’s up to you.

Yeah, I
know this isn’t the first fan solution that’s been released, but the Eliminator
is unique in its size and weight.  It’s super low profile and is so lightweight I’m sure you won’t even
notice you’ve got it on.  No
battery pack or other components to wire in – just a small, addition to the top
foam in your goggles.

Vision kindly supplied the Eliminator with one of their own goggles (see pic) –
a great fit (including swivel strap adjustment for using with a helmet) with a
polarized dual lens.  But I also
grabbed two other goggles out of my pack – a pair of carrera’s and a pair of
smiths.  The Eliminator fitted both
without wrecking the foam or any other problems.

I’m just
recovering from a fractured rib, so haven’t had a chance to take these out for
a real test, but watch this space and I’ll be sure to give you a real report in
a week or so.

the meantime, for more information, check it out here