OGIO Flak Jacket

This new piece from OGIO is very well thought out from an R&D perspective.  Tons of great features like lined ‘Goggle Pocket’, ‘Radio Pocket’, water proof zippers, shovel blade and handle specific sleeves, along with a probe sleeve to keep your gear stowed away for safe keeping!  The vest also has storage for tools, food, or other things you take with you sledding into the backcountry.

Have a peek at “What’s in your Vest?

Gear Checklist:
Beacon (worn under your jacket NOT IN YOUR PACK!)
Light (head lamp)
Zip Ties (tape, zap strap, tie down, etc.)
First aid gear (triangle bandage, gauze, nonstick pads, bandaids, disinfectant wipes, splint, scissors, tensor bandage, etc.)
Radio (Sat phone, cell phone, etc.)
Snacks (never hurts to have a few extra energy bars around)
Water (water is a must)
Lighter (some form of fire starter)
Spare Goggles (or goggle wipe)
Toe strap (or at least someone in your group has one)
Always make sure you tell someone where you are going.
Never ride alone!
Make sure your machine is regularly checked to make sure it runs safely and hassle free.
Have FUN!! 

Check out OGIO’s site to see what other great snowmobiling products they make!