Polaris Axys Bent Rails

It was every sledder’s dream.

A recent storm surge dumped a couple feet of blower pow over Christmas – enough to start sending big air. A ridge of high pressure built up by New Years Eve bringing sunshine. Bitter cold in the valley floor kept all but the most hardcore drinking hot chocolate indoors all day.

After blasting through -27˚C air trapped down low we rose quickly to 6000 feet, building a few small kickers on the way to warm up. By Early afternoon the sun’s heat drove the clouds down forming the craziest inversion. Temperatures rose quickly to 0˚C, the perfect situation for building jumps.


0 degrees and sunny—the perfect recipe for building jumps.

0 degrees and sunny—the perfect recipe for building jumps. Alex Hanson photo.


Five of us made short work of a natural lip to step down. I hit it the first time a little slow and came up short and flat but though nothing of it. I was soon sending it large for the camera. After bombing out the landing we got a few extra photos in before enjoying the setting sun. A perfect end to a perfect day.


The perfect end to the perfect day.

A perfect end to a perfect day. Alex Hanson photo.


Soon we were descending back down into the dark frigid fog below. On the way out my track was ratcheting a bit and we kept smelling bring rubber but couldn’t be bothered to figure it out in the dark. We were too jacked to get back home and review the footage.

New Years Eve took its toll and the group was moving pretty slow the next morning. After a bit of caffeine to widen the eyes I loaded my sled for another epic ride. That’s when the damage became obvious and I knew my day was over. Bent rails and no spares. The boys would ride the rest of the holidays without me.

– Logan


New Years Eve 2015, Rolling Hills near Fernie BC

Rider: Logan Thibodeau

Photos/video: Alex Hanson