What’s in my backpack?

Photo Andrew Munster

At the start of the season the first thing you should do is go through your backpack.



When I check my backpack, I make sure I’m able to survive a night on the hill. Sometimes shit happens. To start off my pack I start with a survival blanket and a pack of matches. I know if I’m on the hill for the night the first thing I’m going to do is start a fire and try to build a bit of a shelter.




On top of my survival stuff I carry gorilla tape, zip-ties, and haywire. You never know when you might have to tie or tape something together. Sleds seem to like trees.


Sleds DO seem to like trees. Photo Andrew Munster.

Sleds DO seem to like trees. Photo Andrew Munster.





After that I toss in a few tools. I try to only pack the things I might really need like a flathead screwdriver, a crescent wrench and vice-grips.



Now let’s get into the everyday stuff that you you’re going to need when there are blue skies and no tracks to follow. I always have a few sets of gloves. I usually have 3 sets in my pack. 2 sets of light riding gloves and one set of warm gloves for getting off the hill so when I get home my hand isn’t too cold to hold my beer. On top of that I have my lunch and a water and maybe the odd Eat-More bar.


I also always have are a spare set of goggles and a few different colour lenses.




Last, but most importantly are crucial things like a Spot personal locator, a lighter and my shovel and probe. This is all the stuff you will find in my pack on an average day out riding. Stuff to keep me safe and my friends safe and hopefully get us off the hill.





– Jamie