Guide to Mountain-Side Instagram ’n
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February 22nd, 2018

Guide to Mountain-Side Instagram ’n

As we enter the early days of 2018, social media has connected us all and brought us closer to one another. And the role which social media plays in promoting action sports is stronger today than ever before. At any time, we can open Instagram to see our favorite pro riders in their day-to-day lives. Riders are becoming more well-known for their Instagram photos and stories than for their part in the latest sled film.

This new form of media sharing has also brought aspiring athletes closer to potential sponsors, and has made it easier for young riders trying to make it in the industry. It’s a sign of the times; and if you’re not up-to-date, you’re outdated. So, let’s walk you through a guided tour of Instagram to get you started on the right track and Grammin’ like a pro!


Guide to Mountain Side Instagram ’n

The Money Shot

First and foremost, if you’re not creating quality content of your favorite mountains or biggest jumps you’re not going to attract many followers. Over 40 million photos are uploaded daily to Instagram, so it is important that you stand out in the crowd and catch the eyes of potential followers. Nobody wants to see a blurry shot of your sled at sunset, so take some time and put in some effort to compose the photo you want. If you are trying to attract sponsors, it is a good idea to include their product in the shot.  Over time you will develop your own style that you can own, and that people will recognize you for.



The epic money shot is what people want to see!



If you’re new to the “Insta” game, make sure you follow the KISS rule. Keep It Simple Sledder. You must remember that your audience has an 8-second attention span, so keeping it simple and to the point will keep the reader interested in your caption. Once you have started to build a relationship with your audience you can dive deeper into your personal thoughts. In the beginning, don’t overthink it. Keep it light, organic and just throw a “braap” or “pow-a-bunga” in every once in a while to maximize your likes.



A KISS caption complements rather than distracts from a great image.



Hashtags are a great way to target your desired audience and are crucial for getting noticed by sponsors. By throwing #509inc into your next post, anyone who is looking at that hashtag will see your photo. It is now possible for Instagram users to follow individual hashtags, just like they would a regular account. Brands will often keep an eye on these hashtags to help identify young riders and find media to share. This is also a great way to attract photo sharing accounts like @Sled_Headz to notice your account so they can repost it and share with their 75,000 plus followers. Figure out the hashtag, and your followers will grow quickly.



Use hashtags wisely. Just be careful not to overdo it!


Filters and Tools

The filters and tools are your chance to turn a not-so-interesting landscape shot into a thing of beauty. Tools like Lux and Sharpness will bring out the expression in the photo and will help catch the eye of your followers. Other handy tools like Saturation and Exposure can help clean up or improve the clarity of the photo. The final piece of the pie is the filter. The filter can transform your photos from just another shot into a moody mountain scene. It’s best not to overdo it here though; less is more and it’s best not to overwork the photo.



Selective use of the filter tools, such as this B&W can really help your shots stand out.


Don’t Blow Out the Spot

There is nothing worse than someone blowing out the crew’s favourite hidden zone by plastering all of the details over social media. The key is to share photos of how awesome your spot is without giving too much away. You want your audience to see just enough that it has them coming back to your feed for more. Just make sure you don’t share too much or next weekend you might show up and find the area tracked out by townies and tourists. If you’re ultra-sneaky and want to throw people off your scent, you can always go with the popular #zippermouthcreek or #brandywineisthatway hashtags to keep things hushed!



#brandywineisthatway alright



Now that we have talked you through the 1-2-3s of Instagram, you can head out into the mountains and come back with a story that everyone will want to follow!


– Andy