VIDEO – Polaris Series 8 Track 2.75" Ride Impression | Mountain Sledder
March 27th, 2020

VIDEO – Polaris Series 8 Track 2.75″ Ride Impression

The Mountain Sledder fellas had the opportunity to ride the new Series 8 track with 2.75" lug on a few early MY2021 Polaris sleds this spring.

See the video above for our impressions on the new Polaris Series 8 track!

Polaris Series 8 Track

The brand-new track from Polaris with a 2.75” lug and 3.5” pitch will be available in 155” and 165” lengths.

The Series 8 track has been lightened and optimized for flex, while the lugs feature improved stiffness. It has been developed in partnership with Camso over the course of several years to bring it to production. Polaris says the new track delivers better lift, traction and flotation for all types of mountain riding.


Polaris Series 8 Track

More details can be found here about the Series 8 track and the QuickDrive2 belt drive system, as part of Polaris’ model year 2021 offerings.


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