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February 15th, 2022

2023 LYNX Shredder Mountain Snowmobiles

LYNX has announced their 2023 snowmobiles, and there are BIG changes to the mountain segment with the 2023 LYNX Shredder DS and Shredder RE.

After successfully breaking into the North American market with the MY2022 BoonDocker DS mountain snowmobiles, anticipation was high to learn what the Finnish brand would reveal for the 2023 LYNX snowmobiles launch in its sophomore year to the west of the Atlantic. Here are the details on the 2023 LYNX Shredder DS and Shredder RE mountain snowmobiles!

2023 LYNX Shredder RE

2023 LYNX Mountain Snowmobiles

Based on the number of big red sleds riding in the mountains of North America in Winter 2022, it would seem that the LYNX brand gained a solid footing in the mountain segment in its first season here.

Some riders were drawn to the toughness and durability of the LYNX Radien DS platform, which was pioneered back in 2018 and used by the mountain-specific BoonDocker DS in MY2022. For others, the attraction was the promise of a resilient rear suspension with a strong bottoming resistance. Some were interested in the desire for a BRP product with a fixed rear skidframe arm. Some probably just liked the bold red colours.

Whatever the reason, it seems for many sledders the LYNX BoonDocker DS provided an attractive alternative to models in the Ski-Doo lineup—yet still featured many of the same great features that have made the Ski-Doo deep snow sleds such a success.

Flash forward to the present and Lynx has replaced the Radien platform with the next generation, called Radien2. For the mountain lineup, this means the BoonDocker DS model has been retired and replaced by an entirely new beast, the 2023 LYNX Shredder.

The 2023 LYNX Shredder DS 3900 (154")

The 2023 LYNX Shredder DS 3900 (154″)

LYNX Shredder Snowmobiles

Let’s start with the details of the Radien2 platform before taking a closer look at what distinguishes the two 2023 LYNX mountain snowmobile models, named Shredder DS and Shredder RE.

The new Radien2 platform was designed for efficiency and ultimate handling in deep snow. In keeping with the LYNX vision, this sled is still about durability, but also now, considerably lighter weight.

In outlining the specs of the new platform, we’ll be comparing it to the BoonDocker DS and its first generation Radien platform.


First and foremost, let’s talk about weight loss. Weight numbers for the MY2022 BoonDocker DS are hard to come by, but there is little doubt that it weighed in heavier than it’s equivalent model Ski-Doo. Fortunately the redesign of the Radien2 eliminates a LOT of weight—9 kg (20 lbs) to be specific.

So where does all that weight loss come from? Part of it (almost 6 kg, or 13 lbs) comes from the revision of the Radien platform itself.

The rest (3 kg+ or 7 lbs) comes from lighter components used in the redesigned PPS2 DS+ rear suspension system.

Narrower Body

The Radien2 platform uses a slimmer body shape for improved handling in steep terrain and deep snow. Specifically, a narrower body allows for steeper sidehilling with less panel drag and interference on the snow. Naturally, the body panels are all-new to achieve the reduced body size.

The Radien2 bodyword is 2″ narrower on the LH body panel, and 3/4″ narrower on the RH side.

Running Boards

The new running board design is also more narrow by 16 mm (5/8″ in) on each running board at the widest point. Much like the narrower body panels, this improves the ability of the sled to tackle very steep sidehilling situations and experience less drag on the snow in general.

The Radien2 running boards are also made more rigid for more precise input response, and the structure has been opened up by an addtional 45% to allow more snow to fall through and provide better grip.


One of the most significant changes from the BoonDocker DS to the Shredder DS and RE models (after weight loss and engine options perhaps), is the move from a 16″ wide track to a 15″ wide track.

BRP is the only snowmobile manufacturer today to use a 16″ wide track as a standard (the rest use 15″ wide track) and the company maintains their belief in that choice. That makes the move to a 15″ wide track an interesting decision, but one that will help create more separation between the LYNX deep snow models and their sibling Ski-Doo models within the same segment.

The narrower, 15″ wide track on the LYNX Shredder models should experience the benefit of quicker track speed acceleration than the BoonDocker models possessed, and, once again, the potential for better sidehilling capability. With less track surface area, this may come at the cost of some small amount of floatation, however.

The Shredder track will also feature a full-rod design to help with handling, whereas the 2022 BoonDocker DS used a FlexEdge track.

It’s worth noting that while the track is narrower at 15″ wide, the tunnel is still 16″ wide.

2023 LYNX Shredder RE 3900 (154″) 850 E-TEC Turbo R

Lightened PPS2 DS+ Rear Suspension

The LYNX Shredder models make use of the famed PPS2 DS+ rear suspension, which does not use torsion bars like most other BRP deep snow models. It is an open structure with a coil-over design that provides floatation and grip. The rear suspension has a greater bottoming resistance and is designed for aggressive riding across whoops and rough terrain.


The unique rear axle snowflap design of the BoonDocker DS is history, which is a good thing. It was heavy, and as we know from the sufficient cooling of other sleds with small snowflaps, unnecessary. And while it’s perhaps not always noticeable when riding the BoonDocker DS, common sense tells us that the rear axle snowflap design creates drag in the snow.

For 2023, the LYNX Shredder will feature a short, horizontal snowflap, similar to other sleds in the mountain segment, which brings down the total weight by 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs).

Adjustable Brake Lever

LYNX Shredder sleds benefit from a tool-less adjustable brake lever that can be adjusted up to 15.5 mm closer to the handlebar or up to 4.5 mm farther away than the BRP non-adjustable lever, to accommodate rider preference.

LED Headlights

Hurrah for LED headlights! The Shredder headlights promise to be very bright—3440 lumens in total output power to be exact. That’s double the light output of the MY22 model.

The Shredder headlight assembly strays from convention with not two, but three headlights. Two are low beams that output 1034 lumens each, and one is a high beam that outputs 1376 lumens. This makes the Shredder headlights the brightest in the segment.

New Clutch Cover

The Shredder RE and Shredder DS both feature a newly redesigned clutch cover that provides better airflow and belt temperature management for longer belt life. The cover creates a closed system that draws cold, fresh air from outside the sled rather than from under the hood.

The cover is also designed to allow less ingestion of snow.

Other highlights:

  • Short tunnel
  • 4 engine mounting points
    • Stronger mounting
    • Less vibration
    • Less belt alignment variation
  • SHOT starter
  • Blade DS+ skis
  • 36″ ski stance

Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R

For MY2023 LYNX introduces the 850 E-TEC Turbo R, which replaces the 165 horsepower 850 E-TEC. If you speak Rotax, you know that the letter “R” means “more power”, and in this case the 850 E-TEC Turbo R produces 180 horsepower all the way from sea-level to 2400 m (8000 ft)!

The Turbo R has many changes from the Rotax E-TEC Turbo uses in Ski-Doo sleds from 2020.5 to 2022 and which was not available at all in the LYNX MY’22 BoonDocker DS. What the Rotax engineers strived to maintain are the outstanding characteristics of the first factory 2-stroke turbocharged engine—snappy throttle response, smooth power and rock solid reliability.

At sea level, the Turbo R produces 15 more horsepower than the naturally-aspirated 850. At 2400 m (8000 ft) elevation and above, the Turbo R outclasses the original 850 E-TEC Turbo by 15 horsepower and the naturally-aspirated 850 by a whopping 55 horsepower!

Here are the changes implemented in the 850 E-TEC Turbo R:

  • Revised cylinder head for better spark plug cooling
  • New injectors
  • Reinforced CVT components
  • Reinforced chain
  • New ECU
  • Uses Radien2 airbox
  • More boost
    • Boost ranges between 1.5 and 6.5 psi
    • Turbo R builds 1.5-2 psi more than first gen E-TEC Turbo

The LYNX Shredder sleds can be ordered with either the 850 E-TEC or 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine options, depending on model.

10.25" Colour Touchscreen Display

All 2023 LYNX Shredder snowmobiles can be outfitted with an optional new 10.25″ high definintion, high contrast colour touchscreen display.

The display is designed to enhance the rider experience with improved connectivity and a slick interface. BRP Engineers have designed the display with an emphasis on readability, and its placement has been optimized on the Radien2 platform for visibility while riding off-trail (riding standing up) as the vehicles were intended to do.

The display can be customized for many different layouts and information settings depending on the preference of the user, and also features light and dark modes.

For connectivity, the display can connect via Bluetooth and can interface with the BRP GO! app for navigation and location information. It can also be updated via WiFi using over-the-air technology.

10.25″ colour touchscreen display (as shown on Ski-Doo Summit)

2023 Lynx snowmobiles Shredder DS and Shredder RS

So what’s the different between the “base” model Shredder DS and the more expensive Shredder RE? Well, the Shredder RE is pitched as the LYNX sled designed for rough riding, big jumps and smooth landings. It’s all in the shocks.

The Shredder RE features premium ski shocks with rebound clicker and 3-step compression adjustment—Comfort, Medium, and what they jokingly (we think) refer to as the “Bergmark” setting (if you don’t get this reference, watch this video of Andreas Bergmark riding and you’ll understand). These KYB 36 CR Kashima shocks provide a wide adjustment range, with a fast and easy adjustment.

In the rear suspension, the Shredder RE uses a KYB 46 Kashima center shock and a KYB 46 HLCR Kashima shock with high and low compression damping and rebound damping adjustments in the rear position.

The Shredder RE rails are reinforced to help the sled withstand abuse, and two pairs of idler wheels are used in the skid.

But the biggest difference for high elevation riders, is that the Shredder RE only comes in the 3900 length (154″) with Turbo R (low elevation riders can order a RE 3700). Shredder DS comes with the naturally-aspirated 850 E-TEC in the 3900 (154″) configuration, or with Turbo R in 3900 (154″) or 4100 (165″).

2023 LYNX Shredder RE 3900 (154") 850 E-TEC Turbo R

2023 LYNX Shredder DS

3900 850 E-TEC with 154″ x 15″ x 2.5″ (sea-level)/3″

3900/4100 850 E-TEC Turbo R with 154″/165″ x 15″ x 3″

2023 LYNX Shredder RE

3700 850 E-TEC with 146″ x 15″ x 2.5″ (sea-level)

3900 850 E-TEC Turbo R with 154″ x 15″ x 3″

2023 LYNX Mountain Snowmobiles

So that is a lot of changes for 2023 LYNX deep snow snowmobiles! Building off the successful entry into the North American market with the MY2022 BoonDocker DS, model year 2023 has so many significant upgrades—huge weight savings and a 180 horsepower engine option just for starters.

The massive improvements to the deep snow lineup for 2023 will surely push the LYNX following in North America from cult status into mountain segment powerhouse.

– MS